Inside Dentistry
October 2005
Volume 1, Issue 1

Practice Essentials

CAESY Enterprise 5.5 Released

Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. announces the release of CAESY Enterprise 5.5, the newest update of its server-based software program for patient education. The release features new and updated multimedia presentations and an elegant new look and feel for ShowCase, the case presentation software included with CAESY Enterprise. In addition, CAESY Enterprise 5.5 includes updated videos in the New Technologies, Hygiene, Orthodontics, Restorations, and TMD sections of CAESY. For more information, call 1-800-685-2599 or visit www.caesy.com.

Honigum Now Available in Automix Dispensing System

Zenith Dental announces the release of Honigum Impression Material in new 50 ml automix cartridges. Honigum is a proprietary formulation with a unique active wax matix that allows the material to adjust its viscosity based on pressure. Honigum starts out with a slump free starting thickness for easy dispensing. As it is used, the material lowers its viscosity under pressure to capture unsurpassed detail, and it has a quick snap set that prevents distortion. For additional information, call 1-800-662-6383, or visit www.zenithdental.com.

Implant Innovations, Inc. Launches the Provide™ Restorative System

Implant Innovations, Inc. (3i) has introduced the Provide Restorative System. For restorative clinicians, the Provide Restorative System provides easily identifiable, color-coded compatible parts with 2 post heights (4 mm and 5.5 mm). For the surgeon, Provide Abutments offer the ability to choose between 4 height options (1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, and 4 mm), giving placement flexibility that is unparalleled because the collar can be optimally selected when the implant is ready to restore, rather than when the implant is placed. For more information, call 1-800-443-8166, or visit www.3i-online.com.

New Color-Coded, Double Taper Light Post Simplifies Identification and Placement

Bisco, Inc. announces the availability of its translucent esthetic Double Taper (D.T.) LIGHT-POST with color-coded rings that simplify post size identification, as well as repositioning, during post try-in to establish working length. With a flexural strength that exceeds that of metal posts, but a modulus of elasticity similar to dentin, the stress transferred to the root is reduced, eliminating root fractures. The post intimately bonds to tooth structure and core build-up composite, while the passive taper design respects morphology and conserves tooth structure. For more information, call 1-800-247-3368 or visit www.bisco.com.

Clorox® Germicidal Spray Introduced

The Harry J. Bosworth Company announces the introduction of a new disinfectant spray to its infection control product line: Clorox Germicidal Spray with Bleach. By combining expanded kill claims with shorter contact time, Clorox Germicidal Spray meets the disinfection requirements of OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Guidelines, killing most bacteria in 30 seconds and viruses in 1 minute. With an active ingredient of Sodium Hypochlorite 2.40%, the new disinfectant can kill 32 microorganisms. It also meets AOAC efficacy testing requirements for hospital disinfection. For more information, call 1-800-323-4352 or visit www.bosworth.com.

Advanced PSP Digital Imaging System Now Available

KaVO Dental Corporation/Gendex Dental Systems have introduced the newest offering in Photostimuable Phosphor scanning (PSP): the DenOptix QST. The QST has a scan speed that provides a full-mouth series in as little as 4 seconds per image, and 4 bitewings in 30 seconds. Instant digital imaging is provided by the reusable and flexible phosphor plate, which also demonstrates film-like ease of positioning. The DenOptix QST also allows practitioners to leverage their existing film-based intraoral radiograph or panoramic system to eliminate the need for costly upgrades. For more information, call 1-888-275-5286 or visit www.gendex.com.

Improved Tray Designs Facilitate Fluoride Application

Sultan Dental Products is pleased to introduce its new and improved Topex® brand Disposable Single- and Dual-Arch Fluoride Trays. The new Topex Disposable Dual-Arch Fluoride Trays feature a natural arch and a more defined occlusal anatomy to help force fluoride onto all biting and interproximal tooth surfaces. The Topex Disposable Single-Arch Fluoride Trays not only feature a more comfortable, natural arch and defined occlusal anatomy, but they are color-coded and identified by arch on each handle. For additional information, call 1-800-238-6739, or visit www.sultandental.com.

Dental EZ® Group Introduces Ergonomically Designed Cabinet Line

DentalEZ Group recently launched a new ergonomically designed cabinet line called NextGen Work Stations. NextGen Work Stations are specifically designed to put the most commonly used tools within easy reach of the dental professional from a seated position. In addition, the cabinets are constructed with high-quality materials and craftsmanship to withstand years of constant use. NextGen Work Stations can be purchased individually or in a variety of package options to fit any dental office. For more information, call 1-866-DTE-INFO, or visit www.dentalez.com.

Vitique Veneer Cement Features Color Command™ Technology

Zenith Dental and DMG have introduced Vitique, an esthetically complete cementation kit with a pallet of options for precisely matched cement and matching try-in pastes. Vitique features a specially designed “ribbon” tip for the fast, precise, and complete placement on veneers, and the dual cure version for inlays/onlays and full-coverage restorations can be applied with an innovative Cata-Lock™ syringe. For additional information, contact Zenith Dental at 1-800-662-6383, or visit www.zenithdental.com.

Fine Grit Topex® Neapolitan™ Prophy Paste Available from Sultan

Sultan Dental Products extends its polishing paste line by adding new Fine Grit Topex Neapolitan Prophy Paste. Topex Neapolitan contains 3 great flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. In response to popular demand, it is now available in new fine grit, which is ideal for pediatric patients and selective polishing. The Neapolitan assortment contains 1.23% fluoride ion and combines polishing and cleaning agents to meet patient needs. Its non-splatter formula rinses clean with water and stays in place. For more information, contact your local dental distributor, call Sultan Dental Products 1-800-238-6739, or visit www.sultandental.com.

Lumenis Introduces Dual-Wavelength System

Now available from Lumenis Dental is the OpusDuo AquaLite, a dual-wavelength system for those practitioners performing both hard- and soft-tissue laser dentistry. The OpusDuo AquaLite’s Er: YAG laser, the optimal wavelength for hard tissue treatment, rapidly removes enamel, dentin, and bone. Its new generation SuperPulse™ CO2 laser, the gold standard for soft tissue procedures, selectively and effortlessly vaporizes soft tissue. In addition to dual-wavelength lasers, the system features an illuminated handpiece, touch screen operation with 108 pre-programmed, fully customizable procedure presets, contact tips, accelerator pedal pulse control, and effortless switching from hard tissue to soft tissue procedures. For more information, call 1-877-LUMENIS.

SonicTab™ Now Available

The next generation ultrasonic cleaning solution in tablet form�SonicTab�is now available from JS Dental Manufacturing, Inc. Requiring only 1 tablet per gallon, it leaves no residue to clean-up and is not affected by pH or water temperature. SonicTab does not deteriorate as the day goes by and is not affected by normal work load (i.e., no need for replacement several times a day). For more information, call JS Dental Manufacturing at 1-800-284-3368, or visit www.jsdental.com

Sultan Chemists, Inc. Introduces a New Alginate Replacement Impression Material

Sultan Chemists, Inc. announces the introduction of Silgimix™ Alginate Replacement Impression Material. Developed from vinyl polysiloxane chemistry, Silgimix addresses the shortcomings of alginate materials by giving users the ability to disinfect, the option of pouring multiple times, and the ability to scan the impression electronically. Additionally, the Silgimix chemistry allows the user to delay pouring the model for several weeks and ship the impression long distances. For more information, contact Sultan Chemists at 1-800-637-8582, or visit www.sultanchemists.com.

New Ultrasonic Cleaning Tablets Introduced by Sultan Chemists

CLEANLETS™ Ultrasonic Cleaning Tablets have been recently introduced to the dental marketplace by Sultan Chemists, Inc. With a unique blister package design, one CLEANLETS tablet can be easily dispensed into a gallon of water and dissolves quickly without leaving a residue on instruments or the tank. The neutral pH formulation is compatible with standard dental instruments, and the tablets are effective in cleaning common soils, such as blood, tissue, plaster, pumice, and buffing compounds. For more information, contact Sultan Chemists’ Customer Service at 1-800-637-8582, or visit www.sultanchemists.com.

Crestal Bone Preservation at the Heart of New Implant System

Implant Innovations, Inc. (3i) has introduced the Certain® PREVAIL™ Implant, an innovative implant design featuring Integrated Platform Switching™. The new implant provides a simple and predictable option for potentially achieving better crestal bone preservation, which would also result in optimal soft tissue aesthetics. The entire length of the implant is coated with the industry-proven OSSEOTITE® Surface, and the Certain QuickSeat™ Connection provides the clinician with an audible and tactile click that confirms the abutment is properly seated. For more information, call 1-800-443-8166, or visit www.3i-online.com.

Ivoclar Vivadent Introduces the Odyssey® 2.4G Diode Laser

Ivoclar Vivadent has introduced the Odyssey 2.4G Diode Laser for soft-tissue applications. Featuring the first-ever wireless power control, the Odyssey 2.4G is compact and portable for flexibility in performing precise and minimally invasive soft-tissue procedures. With a laser wavelength of 810+/-20 nm, the Odyssey 2.4G has a high affinity for soft tissue, enabling clinicians to sculpt gingival tissue, alleviate the pain of soft tissue lesions, achieve visual and mechanical access to margin preparations, and create hemostasis for better isolation. The control panel provides 4 settings for simple programming of the clinician's 3 most commonly used settings. For more information, call 1-800-533-6825, or visit www.GetOdysseyLaser.com.

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