Special Issues
July/August 2021
Volume 42, Issue 1

Clear Aligners Alone Used to Correct Multiple Problems in Teenaged Patient

Ly T. Mar, DMD, MSc, FRCDC

A 13-year-old male patient presented with severe crowding on the lower arch, a constricted maxillary arch, and enamel decalcification on multiple teeth. He also exhibited a deep anterior bite that caused constant irritation to the papilla and prevented a diastema from closing. Due to weak enamel and hygiene concerns, clear aligners were used to treat this case without any metal or bonded brackets on the teeth. ClearCorrect (A Straumann Group clear aligner product line, clearcorrect.com) clear aligners were selected, which require only a minimal number of attachments/engagers to achieve a quick and successful outcome. ClearCorrect aligners provide optimal fit, rigidity, and traction for the necessary movements to correct crowding and achieve arch expansion. Their higher gingival trimline and revolutionary plastic material (ClearQuartz) facilitate the necessary contact to all teeth surfaces, improving traction and increasing the efficiency of the dental movement. By applying the fundamentals of orthodontic biomechanics and clear aligner tooth movement and using ClearCorrect aligners, the orthodontic challenges presented by the patient-constricted maxillary arch, class II deep bite, weakened enamel, and severe crowding-were overcome. The treatment was achieved in just 10 months. The patient was provided with upper and lower ClearCorrect clear retainers to maintain the result.

Key Takeaways

ClearCorrect aligners are ideal for treating teeth with existing enamel deficiency. The tray fit, shape memory, and aligner rigidity increase efficiency in correcting narrow arches and crowded teeth.

The high trimline of the ClearCorrect trays combined with the state-of-the-art ClearQuartz material is well-suited for treating short clinical crowns often found in teenaged patients. Greater tooth surface contacts minimize the need for multiple attachments/engagers.

Digital setup allows clinicians to visualize treatment step by step from start to finish; the stain-resistant, esthetic, and transparent ClearCorrect aligners allow easy hygiene monitoring and are well-accepted by teens.

About the Author

Ly T. Mar, DMD, MSc, FRCDC
Part-time Clinical Professor in Orthodontics, University of Alberta; Clinical Advisor for Straumann/ClearCorrect North America; Private Practice in Orthodontics,
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

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