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Special Issues
November/December 2019
Volume 40, Issue 2

OMNICHROMA: A Universal Composite With a Single Universal Shade

OMNICHROMA® (Tokuyama Dental America, (Figure 1) uses a standard universal procedure for its application. The paste is opaque-white before curing, allowing for high visibility and easy placement. After curing, it becomes natural in appearance and matches the color of the surrounding tooth. OMNICHROMA cures in 2-mm increments and can be used with any light-cured bonding agent or Tokuyama Universal Bond (Tokuyama Dental America). Figure 2 demonstrates the application of OMNICHROMA in posterior teeth. Figure 3 shows it being applied in the anterior.

OMNICHROMA relies on surrounding tooth structure to produce a perfect color match. In large class III and class IV cases, OMNICHROMA may experience shade-matching interference due to a lack of surrounding dentition. OMNICHROMA BLOCKER (Tokuyama Dental America) (Figure 4) is a supplementary material that may be used in conjunction with OMNICHROMA as a lingual layer to prevent shade-matching interference in these cases. OMNICHROMA BLOCKER can also be used to mask slight staining, or to reconstruct a highly opaque tooth. It is recommended to be used in a 0.5-mm layer. Application of OMNICHROMA BLOCKER is depicted in Figure 5. After OMNICHROMA BLOCKER is cured, OMNICHROMA should be placed on top of it in 2-mm increments and cured.

The indications for OMNICHROMA include: direct anterior and posterior restorations, direct bonded composite veneer, diastema closure, and repair of porcelain/composite.

OMNICHROMA also adjusts to a tooth's shade over time, even before and after bleaching, according to Tokuyama Dental Research and Development (internal data). This natural color adjustment occurs because OMNICHROMA continuously generates the color of the surrounding tooth without the use of any added dyes or pigments.

As a universal composite with a single universal shade, OMNICHROMA can be used in most restorations. Its excellent polishability, strength, and handling produce beautiful and reliable restorations regardless of the shade or class of the case.

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