Special Issues
November/December 2019
Volume 40, Issue 2

Not Magic, But Science

The US Navy had it right back in the '60s when it coined the phrase, "Keep it simple, stupid." Why make any process harder or more complicated than it needs to be? Aim for the procedure that is simplest in design and technique and you will have consistent outcomes each time.

Tokuyama Dental has a similar philosophy when it comes to product development: Will the product improve efficiencies in the dental practice? Can the company make the product and sell it at an affordable price? And, finally, is this product going to be valuable to a clinician? Every year our product development team considers many different concepts and improvement suggestions and whittles them down to the few that can answer each of the above questions with an enthusiastic "yes."

This past February, Tokuyama Dental America (the North American subsidiary of Tokuyama Dental) had the privilege of launching a product at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting that embodies all of these ideals: OMNICHROMA. OMNICHROMA is a new universal resin composite that esthetically matches every patient, from A1 to D4, with a single shade of composite. The composite's shade-matching capacity simplifies the restorative procedure and helps the dental office save money by reducing its inventory of rarer shades. These dental practice efficiencies make the product a valuable tool for doctors.

The composite was a natural evolution for Tokuyama Dental, which is best known for Estelite Sigma Quick; launched in 2007, the universal resin composite impressed clinicians around the world with its chameleon effect and ease of handling. Our innovative technology advanced from Estelite Sigma Quick's ability to match up to 10 shades to matching all shades with OMNICHROMA.

Since the launch of this game-changing product, our staff that answers the phones and works the tradeshow floors has been inundated with questions from astonished clinical personnel about how the shade matching is possible. We hear jokes about witchcraft, magic potions, and how much ground unicorn horn is in each refill. I wish we could claim to be sorcerers, but sadly we are not. Instead, many years ago our hardworking researchers had to roll up their sleeves and do things the old-fashioned way-through studying the science of sight and how the human eye sees color.

We have appreciated the overwhelming interest and support of the dental community for the launch of our new composite. We welcome each of you to visit with us at our OMNICHROMA booth at a local tradeshow. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing how clinicians are using our products and how it has improved the efficiency in their practice.


Lisa Jeong
Director of Marketing
Tokuyama Dental America

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