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Special Issues
July/August 2019
Volume 40, Issue 1

Chairside Anterior Build-up Simplified With Aura Ultra Universal Restorative

Les Rykiss, DMD

Though sometimes a restorative case may not be extensive, the meaning behind the smile is what is most gratifying. This 16-year-old patient had undergone orthodontics to correct rotations and crowding, and the clinician's task was simply to build-up a "peg-shaped" unesthetic lateral incisor (No. 10) that the patient had always disliked and which made her reluctant to smile. Aura Ultra Universal Restorative (SDI, was chosen as the restorative material because it is simple to use and match existing tooth structure with. Build-up with Aura is done in two layers: a nanohybrid dentin layer, and a microfilled enamel layer. The shades were selected for the dentin and enamel, the old composite was removed, and a minor tooth preparation was done. Super Etch (SDI) was used to etch tooth No. 10, followed by rinsing and bonding with Riva Bond LC (SDI). DC2 dentin shade was added, creating a dentin shelf directly to the unetched, unbonded adjacent teeth to form a thick dentin layer, and the build-up was finished with a thin layer of enamel shade E2. After trimming, contouring, and polishing, the final restoration had a beautiful, lifelike luster. The young patient was entirely pleased with the result, and her final smile was most gratifying for the clinician.

Key Takeaways

Ease of use-Aura Ultra Universal Restorative is quite simple to use in a layering technique, as it requires only a two-step layering process. Shade matching is also easy, and handling of the material is spectacular in that it is highly sculptable.

Beautiful polishability-The esthetics are superb due in part to the material's polishablity, as the enamel layer is a microfill composite. Overall strength is uncompromised because the bulk of the restoration consists of the nanohybrid dentin layer.

Extremely high wear resistance and color stability-The material wears very naturally in the mouth due to its high strength and flexibility. The color remains stable over the years with high resistance to plucking of the filler particles.

About the Author

Les Rykiss, DMD
Private Practice
Winnipeg, Manitoba
American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry

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