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Special Issues
October 2018
Volume 39, Issue 4

The Importance of Materials

To create successful restorations, we need materials that will lead to success. In recent years, dentistry has experienced increased improvements in materials for restorations. Materials are continuously being perfected by manufacturers who invest in development and production to help us better perform our jobs. One of these manufacturers is Kuraray Noritake Dental. The company is presenting this special issue of Compendium, which examines the material science behind zirconia, restorative techniques for the material, and products for restorations in practice.

In the first article, John O. Burgess, DDS, MS, details the history of zirconia, explaining its composition and how it has evolved in dentistry. He emphasizes that clinicians should be aware of the properties of various zirconia materials that can affect the success of their restorations. After reviewing the history and present use of zirconia, he predicts that the future may reside in nano-zirconia with high-quality properties and improved translucency.

The next article, by Markus B. Blatz, DMD, PhD, and Julian Conejo, DDS, MSc, covers the techniques of cementation and bonding of zirconia restorations. They explain that because zirconia is more frequently becoming the material chosen for indirect all-ceramic restorations, decisions regarding cementing and bonding of zirconia have become increasingly important. In the view of the authors, the long-term clinical success of zirconia restorations relies on proper cementation and bonding protocols with materials that provide high and long-term durable bond strengths for the best possible long-lasting esthetic and functional outcomes.

Finally, this special issue takes a look at products in practice. Greg Campbell, DDS, offers his perspective on how zirconia can turn the ordinary into extraordinary. He demonstrates how a collaboration of products from Kuraray Noritake Dental and Dentsply Sirona makes it possible to fabricate multi-layered zirconia restorations in a single visit. From his perspective when performing these restorations, there is less reduction and more strength, and bonding can be accomplished with a predictable clinical outcome.

At Compendium, we constantly seek to keep readers updated and informed on materials and techniques in dentistry. We believe this special issue successfully contributes toward that goal.


Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD
Editor-In-Chief, Compendium

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