Special Issues
Nov/Dec 2013
Volume 34, Issue 10

Dear Readers,

Welcome to another edition of Focus on Dental Research. This is the third such special supplement presented by Compendium; it highlights four noteworthy topics impacting dentistry today. Since many clinicians are busy with the daily affairs of performing their craft, keeping abreast of new developments in the industry can be challenging. Featuring original, peer-reviewed articles, this research supplement is designed to provide relevant, objective benchmark information aimed at helping dental practitioners in their everyday decision-making.

In this edition, we present a variety of research topics, beginning with a randomized clinical trial involving interdental cleaning around implants—a key issue in the battle against peri-implant disease. This is followed by an article on new developments in luting cements that are aimed at improving cementation of crowns and bridges, gold inlays and onlays, prefabricated metal and cast post and cores, and all-zirconia or all-alumina crowns. We then publish a study comparing strip and in-office tooth-whitening systems; the new, high-adhesion strip technology discussed offers adhesive and cohesive properties to allow sustained delivery of hydrogen peroxide over longer time periods. Finally, an evaluation of microleakage and bond strengths of several restorative systems is presented.

To see the first two issues of Focus on Dental Research, visit dentalaegis.com/special-issues. Thank you for your continuing support of Compendium. We welcome your comments and suggestions at lrose@aegiscomm.com.


Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD

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