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Special Issues
June 2011
Volume , Issue

Analysis of Clinical Application of OSSTEM (Korea) Implant System for 6 Years

Young-Kyun Kim; Pil-Young Yun; Dae-II Son; Bum-Soo Kim; and Jung-Won Hwang.

European Association for Osseointegration. 15th Annual Scientific Meeting. October 2006. Zurich, Switzerland.

In this short- and mid-term follow-up study, the clinical outcomes of 534 implants placed in 133 patients were analyzed. The majority of the implants were placed through guided bone regeneration with implant fixture installation (66 patients), followed by osteotome technique (32), and without supplementary procedure (28). Early failure was identified in 13 sites (2.4%) in 10 patients (7.5%). The major cause of early failure was determined to be lack of initial stability. The study showed a 97.6% 6-year cumulative survival rate for the 318 sites in 98 patients that functioned for more than one year after delivery.

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