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Pac-Dent Introduces Rodin Titan and Rodin Sculpture 2.0

Posted on Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Pac-Dent, Inc. is delighted to introduce an exciting expansion to its groundbreaking line of Rodin™ 3D Resin Printing Materials. With the unveiling of Rodin™ Sculpture 2.0 and Rodin™ Titan, Pac-Dent continues to push the boundaries of 3D-printed dental restorations through the continuous development and integration of cutting-edge ceramic nanohybrid technology.

Rodin™ Sculpture 2.0

Rodin™ Sculpture 2.0 is a next-generation Zirconia-infused nanohybrid resin that achieves previously unseen flexural strength and ceramic filler content values, allowing the material to provide superior wear and fracture resistance and set new benchmarks in the ceramic-nanohybrid industry. Sculpture 2.0 features a massive increase in ceramic filler content to over 60% and an exceptional Biaxial Flexural Strength of over 200 MPa. These values stand far above the milestones set by other permanent crown and bridge resins.

Key Advancements of Rodin™ Sculpture 2.0:

Exceptional Mechanical Strength: Rodin™ Sculpture 2.0 offers superior resistance to wear and fracture, providing patients with enduring long-term solutions

Unmatched Aesthetics: With a selection of 16 Vita Classic shades and 2 additional bleach shades, clinicians gain unprecedented customization options

ADA Approval for Permanent Restorations: Like its predecessor, Rodin™ Sculpture 2.0 is predominantly ceramic filled, making it eligible for 2023 ADA insurance code reimbursements, delivering substantial benefits to both practitioners and patients

Superior Radiopacity: Dental clinicians will appreciate Rodin™ Sculpture 2.0's exceptional radiopacity, guaranteeing superior X-ray clarity for precise fit checking and increased diagnostic accuracy

Elevated Aesthetics: For further aesthetic enhancements, Rodin™ Sculpture 2.0 seamlessly pairs with acrylic-based light-curable stain and glaze systems, such as Rodin™ Palette

Rodin™ Titan

Rodin™ Titan is a ceramic nanohybrid resin engineered for the printing of full arch restorations and provisional hybrid dentures. Rodin™ Titan retains the core composition of Rodin™ Sculpture – a class II ceramic nanohybrid with analogous ceramic filler content, but features a substantial increase in flexibility for enhanced impact strength. This modified flexural modulus has been specifically tailored for printing full arch restorations and provisional hybrid dentures. Dental clinicians can now print long-lasting tooth arches for split file denture designs, full monolithic dentures, and immediate screw-retained dentures

Key Advancements of Rodin™ Titan:

Swift Workflow: Titan's formulation enables quick and accurate printing, streamlining chairside workflows, providing professionals with reliable and swift delivery of products to their patients

Vita Shade Matching: Rodin™ Titan is available in 6 sought-after vita shades (BL0, BL3, B1, A1, A2, and A3) providing clinicians with the versatility to replicate natural aesthetics, resulting in seamless integration with patients' smiles

Natural Translucency: Rodin™ Titan accurately mimics natural tooth translucency compared to leading competitors

Optimal Radiopacity: Ensures precise visualization of provisionals within the oral cavity, facilitating effective fit assessment and verification

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