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Pac-Dent Announces Rodin™ Bond Dental Adhesive System

Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Pac-Dent, Inc. is thrilled to unveil an exciting expansion of the renowned Rodin™ product line with the introduction of the cutting-edge Rodin™ Bond Dental Adhesive system. Building upon the incredible success of Rodin™ Resins, Pac-Dent is leading the way in providing a complete restorative solution tailored for seamless compatibility with 3D printed indirect restorations.

Introducing Rodin™ Bond, a versatile light-cured dental adhesive meticulously designed for use with direct and indirect bonding applications. Through the incorporation of cutting-edge glass filler technology, Rodin™ Bond strengthens the hybrid zone and deeply permeates dentin tubules, providing exceptional bond strength that outperforms conventional unfilled adhesive systems.

Enhance the bond strength of Rodin™ Bond by pairing with Rodin™ Sensiguard. This 2-in-1 desensitizer and primer promotes bonding, seals dentin tubules to prevent sensitivity, and reduces the risk of caries formation beneath the restoration. The integration of Rodin™ Sensiguard significantly elevates shear bond strength and adhesion on both direct and indirect surfaces, ultimately extending the lifespan of restorations.

Product Features:

Best-In-Class: Bond strength and reliable adhesion to a dentin, enamel, composites, zirconia, as well as various dental metals such as PFM.

Full Compatibility: Can be used with light-cured, self-cured, and dual-cured composite materials on direct and indirect restorations

Efficiency: Flip-top cap design saves valuable time and provides “one-drop” flow of adhesive while innovative trophy unit-dose system reduces exposure to air and moisture, preserving the bond agent’s effectiveness and reducing the need for measurement.

Complete Solution: Combine Rodin™ Bond and Rodin™ Sensiguard for a comprehensive bonding solution that not only enhances bonding but guards against postoperative sensitivity through dentin tubule sealing.

For more information on Rodin™ Bond, visit the product page.


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