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Spear Education Launches Implant Workshop Curriculum Series: Empowering Dentists to Excel in Implantology

Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Spear Education's new Implant Workshop Curriculum series is designed to equip dentists with the skills and knowledge required to excel in implant therapy, catering to the growing demand for implant treatments. Recent data reveals there are over 36 million fully edentulous patients and more than 50 million partially edentulous patients in the United States who can greatly benefit from implant therapy. With implantology rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after disciplines in dentistry, Spear Education's new curriculum series is tailored to meet the needs of general practitioners seeking to incorporate dental implant placement into their practices.

The Implant Workshop Curriculum series covers all aspects of in-office implant procedures, allowing dentists to confidently take on more complex cases. Upon completion of the series, participants will gain proficiency in:

● Mastering single-tooth implant procedures

● Simplified esthetic treatment for multiple implants

● Partial and fully edentulous implant placement

● Soft and hard tissue grafting techniques in their practice

The implant curriculum includes a number of workshops designed to be taken in succession. The first four workshops in the series are:

Workshop 1: Fundamentals of Surgical Implant Placement

Designed for dentists new to dental implant placement, this workshop provides a solid foundation in surgical and implant therapy leading to the mastery of single-tooth implants. Topics covered include anatomy, physiology, surgical techniques, treatment planning, and medical history concerns.

Workshop 2: Advanced Surgical Implant Placement: Multiple Teeth

Building upon the fundamentals, this workshop delves into complex multiple implant cases and challenging anterior esthetic situations. Participants will learn treatment planning concepts and techniques to simplify cases and minimize complications.

Workshop 3: Surgical Implant Placement for Removable Prosthetics

This workshop applies the knowledge from previous workshops to various removable implant prosthesis solutions, including digital dentures and simplified denture techniques.

Workshop 4: Full Arch Implant Placement: The Surgical and Restorative Connection

This workshop covers the placement and restoration of full arch fixed implant cases, offering a step-by-step approach for surgical and prosthetic success.

The workshops, each led by renowned prosthodontist, Mark Ludlow, D.M.D., are designed to be intensively hands-on, enabling participants to apply concepts immediately. Successful completion of the entire series yields 56 Continuing Education (CE) credits.

Learn more or register for Spear's Implant Workshop Curriculum series.

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