Parkell Expands Internationally with New Office in Europe

Posted on June 8, 2021

Parkell, a recognized global leader in dental materials and equipment manufacturing for over 70 years, is excited to announce that it is opening a new office in Sweden. This expansion supports the company’s growth strategy and increases Parkell’s ability to service current and future international markets.

“It is important that we meet customers and partners where they live, so we can understand their specific needs in the region and serve them effectively,” says David Mott, President, Parkell. “This dedicated European team will be an extension of the values and personalized support we pride ourselves on in the U.S.”

Parkell’s materials and devices are sold in over 60 countries through an extensive distribution network. This new office will make it easier for international distributor partners to connect with the company and enhance operations, logistics and regulatory functions throughout Europe.

Founded in 1948, Parkell manufactures a variety of high quality, top performing dental devices and materials. Parkell is known worldwide for flagship products such as Blu-Mousse®, Cinch®, Dryz® and innovative products like the TurboSensor® Ultrasonic Scaler, Predicta Bioactive family, Digitest® 3 Pulp Vitality Tester, TurboVue® Illuminated 30kHz Ultrasonic Scaler, Sensimatic® 700SE Electrosurge and Burnett Power-Tip™.

A family owned and operated business in Long Island, New York for over 65 years, Parkell joined forces with Directa Dental of Sweden in 2016. Having the same business philosophies of manufacturing durable products and providing outstanding customer service, the merger of Directa and Parkell was the perfect fit.

Parkell’s mission is the same as it was in 1948, when Alex Mitchell and Carl Parker founded the company, to provide dentists with groundbreaking and unique products that result in improved patient care and consistent treatment outcomes. For more information about Parkell, visit parkell.com.

About Parkell Inc.

Parkell has been designing and manufacturing internationally recognized quality restorative materials and equipment on Long Island, NY for over 70 years. Known for advanced material technology like Blu-Mousse® Bite Registration Material and Dryz® Gingival Retraction Paste and generations of high-quality Ultrasonic Scalers and Scaler inserts like the TurboSensor® and Burnett Power-Tip™, Parkell is dedicated to assisting the dental profession with its material and small equipment needs through innovation and collaboration. Consistently looking to produce next-generation products, Parkell has created the Digitest® 3 Pulp Vitality Tester as well as the Predicta Bioactive line of materials that work to restore the tooth the natural way.


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