New GINGICaine® Plus & GINGICaine® One Rx Topical Anesthetic Gel – Lasts Longer and Tastes Better

Posted on February 12, 2020

Gingi-Pak is pleased to announce that GINGICaine Plus is now available in 20-syringe kits and GINGICaine One in unit dose swab kits. The newly developed topical anesthetic gel extends the anesthesia duration up to one hour by including two additional anesthetic ingredients to the formulation.

GINGICaine’s upgraded version is formulated with 14% Benzocaine, 2% Butamben, and 2% Tetracaine Hydrochloride to deliver fast and effective pain relief when applied precisely to where it is needed. It provides up to 30-60 minutes of anesthesia to allow clinicians sufficient time to finish any job. With an artificial banana flavor, patients can enjoy a pleasant taste without any bitterness.  It is ideal for a variety of procedures including but not limited to denture pain relief, rubber dam clamp placement, intrapulpal anesthesia, periodontal pockets, odontopaediatrics, injection, root planning, subgingival scaling, and gingival retractions.

GINGICaine Plus comes in a syringe format with a unique microneedle tip that features a rounded end to eliminate sulcus poking or tearing during delivery and a 7mm gauge mark when applied directly within the periodontal pocket. Each syringe contains 1.2 mL of the improved GINGICaine gel, and its transparent tubing allows you to measure accurately and use only what you require.

GINGICaine One is available in a convenient unit dose format that features a one-step, no-mess delivery system. The disposable and vacuum-sealed packaging is designed to avoid cross-contamination and eliminate the need for cleanup. Each unit dose contains 0.4 mL of the new GINGICaine gel and one applicator swab for a single application. Simply peel back the cover, dip the swap in the topical gel and apply. Use wherever topical anesthesia is desired.


·       Provides 30-60 minute duration of action

·       Approximately 15-20 second onset of action

·       Pleasant artificial banana flavor without any bitterness

·       Two delivery systems

·       Unique microneedle tip with 7mm gauge mark

·       Convenient single-use packaging with minimal waste

For more information, to place an order, and request sample for GINGICaine Plus and GINGICaine One, please email info@gingi-pak.com or visit www.gingi-pak.com.

About Gingi-Pak

Founded in 1976, Gingi-Pak is a leader in soft tissue management and topical anesthetic products manufacturing. Its main product lines include retraction materials, topical anesthetics, and hemostatic agents. It is also the sole US manufacturer that produces professional hydrocolloid impression materials. For more information please visit www.gingi-pak.com.

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