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Posted on January 4, 2019

Recognizing that hands-on training provides invaluable experience, Buyamag Inc helps further dental education by offering anatomically correct dental models, phantom heads, manikins, and simulators. This wide range of anatomical models helps users explore a variety of different dental disciplines and procedures, including those in endodontic, orthodontics, periodontal, and more. Their detail helps facilitate understanding of human oral cavity anatomy and teeth morphology, bone structure, along with the location of nerves and blood vessels.

In addition, these educational tools from Buyamag inc are used in dental hygiene and auxiliary dentistry techniques training, dentistry science, and for developing new dental equipment, techniques, and instruments.

These dental models and training manikins look like real dental patients, mimicking head positions as a patient in a dental chair. Used both in facilities and for at-home practice, they promote hands-on practice of dental techniques with correct posture. 

The Orthodontic Manikin Training Simulator can be used by students for practicing various orthodontic procedures. Students can improve their skills in an array of techniques, including: ligature tying, installing orthodontic brackets, wires, and more. The dental models and simulators ease of installation to a dental chair allows for quick setup, so students can get to practicing right away. The Orthodontic Manikin includes a head, orthodontic typodont and teeth with orthodontic parts, and a flexible rubber soft mask. Also included is a universal chair, headrest bench mount or chair mount. The Orthodontic Training Manikin Simulator comes with heavy-duty, high-quality, stainless steel mounts, as well as full-floating streamline ball joints that rotate 360 degrees, allowing the manikin to be used in virtually any position.

The Periodontal Hygiene Model - Simulator Manikin & Mount Complete, and ready for immediate use. This simulator helps students gain Professional Procedurals and experience, such as calculus removal, teeth-cleaning, deep-root cleaning and more. This Periodontal Hygiene Manikin includes a skull, upper and lower jaws, articulated typodont with replaceable teeth, soft gingiva, and a soft outer flexible mask. The facemaskis made of soft stretchable material, and covers the head with ears, jaws, chin, nose. The facemask is made from durable rubber material and should be used with dental Manikins Simulator Phantom heads.

The Dental Tooth Extraction Model Procedure Training Simulator can be used by students to simulate a dental tooth extraction. The dental model - simulator provides training under more realistic circumstances in various training areas such as restorative and prosthetic, which can help students acquire more controlled techniques. Like the Orthodontic Manikin Training Simulator, the Dental Tooth Extraction Procedure Training Simulator comes with heavy-duty, high-quality, stainless steel mounts, as well as full-floating streamline ball joints. position. It also includes a head, typodont, rubber mask, DP articulator, and a bench or chair mount.

Buyamag's Endodontic Model is a great tool for practicing endodontic procedures, including tooth extraction and gum surgery sutures.  

Buyamag also offers dental chair accessories. The chair headrest mount can be easily attached with a c-clamp to the glide bar of a headrest or bench. The mount comes with a DP Lock to hold the mandible open. The pole on this mount has a sophisticated ball joint with a lock handle for tilting the typodont or manikin to any desired position. The simulator head can be adjusted up or down on an 8” rod and can rotate 360 degrees. The strong c-clamp device grips the metal plate and supports the headrest of dental chairs. It is made of polished stainless steel. The mount can hold a heavy phantom head simulator.

Buyamag’s portable mount stand features is durable and allows for full 360-degree access around the dental simulator, manikin or typodont mounted on it. This dental stand mount allows the teacher to easily demonstrate correct posture during dental techniques, training, and performance. The portable mount stand is perfect when permanent dental chairs or tables are not available. The mount stand unfolds in seconds. With a simple turn of the handle, the height of the stand or instrument tray can be adjusted (28" to 50"). This portable stand is fully collapsible and folds in seconds. It is an excellent tool for practicing dental techniques using correct postures. The instrument tray and Mount is included.

Buyamag’s American-made range of dental Models for education and practicing products provide students, teachers, and other professionals with versatile and durable training tools that they can depend on.

For more information, visit https://www.buyamag.com/dental_simulators_manikins.php



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