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Advancements in Endodontics

August 31, 2020 - Expires March 31, 2023

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Volume 41 eBook 17

This Compendium eBook consists of a continuing education (CE) article on ridge preservation strategies in children who experience anterior tooth trauma. A second article is a case report that uses cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) for diagnosis, evaluation, and endodontic management of a rare four-rooted mandibular second molar. Download to earn 2 FREE CEU now! 



CE: Ridge Preservation Strategies in Children Following Anterior Tooth Trauma
David R. Steiner, DDS, MSD; and David P. Mathews, DDS
In demonstrating long-term ridge development and preservation in children who severely injured their central incisors, this CE article presents two different treatment plans based on whether or not the teeth in question were ankylosed. In both instances, treatment was aimed at preserving the developing alveolar ridge for more than a decade. 
Credits: 2 Self-Study CEU
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Provider: AEGIS Publications, LLC

Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Endodontic Management of Rare Four-Rooted Mandibular Second Molar Using CBCT
Tanvi Paliwal, BDS; Rhitu Shekhar, MDS; Manoj Kumar Hans, MDS; Rohit Paul, MDS; and Suresh Pandey, MDS
This article is a case report on endodontic management of a rare four-rooted mandibular second molar.





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