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October 2022
Volume 43, Issue 9

PermaCem 2.0: Exceptional Bond on All Substrates, Including Zirconia

For more than 25 years, Dr. Felix Wöhrle has had a front-row seat to the many advancements in the Scientific Affairs Department at DMG Corporation in Hamburg, Germany. Although he is now Head of Scientific Communication and lectures internationally, he still enjoys hearing from dentists and patients about how DMG's high-quality dental products have improved their lives.

"There have been vast improvements in almost every material class used from the time I started my career," says Wöhrle, who also teaches on dental materials at the University of Hamburg. "Most noticeable are perhaps the changes in adhesive dentistry, ceramics, and now digital dentistry."

One product for which Wöhrle has received a great deal of conclusive feedback is DMG's PermaCem 2.0, a self-adhesive luting cement featuring MDP technology.

"When the product was developed in 2012 and first tested with clinicians in Germany, it soon became clear that handling was a prime benefit for users. We received such positive feedback as: training time for assistants was greatly reduced, mixing errors were eliminated, and the product was always ready to use," he states. "Users particularly liked the easy clean-up, the flow behavior-steady in the crown but flowable when seating-the self-adhesion, and its universal use."

But perhaps the biggest advantage with PermaCem 2.0, Wöhrle says, is its ability to reliably bond with zirconia. A permanent dental cement, PermaCem 2.0 provides an exceptionally strong bond to zirconium restorations, according to the manufacturer, and offers an excellent bond across all substrates. In addition to its solid bond to zirconia, the MDP monomer formula offers strong adhesion on metal and metal alloys and reliable adhesion of glass-fiber reinforced root posts and composite restorations.

"MDP is a fantastic adhesion molecule that can bond to tooth structure and a wide variety of substrates," Wöhrle affirms. "It is effective even in minute quantities, and it can work its magic even with hard-to-bond-to zirconia." This is an important trait, he adds, as zirconia now makes up a vast amount of indirect restorations.

PermaCem 2.0's optimized viscosity and no-drip formulation enable fast, simple removal of excess cement. "The use of the Smartmix system with minimal waste combined with easy excess removal allows patients to profit from lower risk of gingival inflammation and gum recession," he notes.

There are many reasons why doctors and patients love PermaCem 2.0, Wöhrle acknowledges, and among them is "the lack of issues with the product being seen through porcelain." Additionally, "doctors enjoy the simplicity of procedure, time savings, easy clean-up, and the fact that no bonding agent is required for bonding to tooth structure or when using a zirconia crown." Patients like that the procedure for seating crowns is simple and fast, the color stability of the cement is excellent, and the crowns are stable.

Dr. rer. nat. Felix Wöhrle
Head of Scientific Communication, Clinical Research, DMG Corporation, Hamburg, Germany

DMG America

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