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October 2022
Volume 43, Issue 9

G2-BOND Universal: Two-Bottle Adhesive for Durable Restorations

GC America's G2-BOND Universal has converted Brian B. Nový, DDS, into a believer in bonding. "I was looking for a product that I could use to improve the bond between my glass-ionomer build-ups or marginal elevation cases and the indirect restoration I was placing on top. From the moment I first tried the G2-BOND Universal primer and then bond, I was impressed with how durable the layer of cured adhesive was," he raves.

Nový, Chief Dental Officer of the Alliance Dental Center, Massachusetts Public Employees Fund, with faculty appointments at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Western University of Health Sciences, says he has always appreciated how glass-ionomer restoratives could prevent disease but struggled to grasp what composite offered other than a durable bond under ideal conditions. "I work with a dentist who loves to place anterior composites, and is good at it. We talk a lot about our clinical cases throughout the day and help motivate each other through clinical challenges, but we've always used different bonding agents despite being in adjacent operatories. Now, our mutual appreciation of G2-BOND Universal has simplified the life of our assistants," he says wryly.

"I first used G2-BOND Uni­versal to create a lingual veneer of composite to regain canine guidance and figured, ‘If this works, I will be a believer.' To my knowledge, the veneer is still there, and the patient's posterior teeth are benefiting from the guidance," says Nový. "We all know how much force clenchers/bruxers/grinders can put on their restorations, and canine guidance is much different than occlusal forces. The fact that in my novice hands the bonding agent performed better than expected is a testament to the science within the product."

G2-BOND Universal is GC America's first all-around universal two-bottle adhesive. It features proprietary Dual H-Technology, which enables advanced optimization of bonding to both tooth and composite via the smooth transition from hydrophilic to hydrophobic characteristics, according to the manufacturer. The hydrophobic bond layer with HEMA-free composition lessens the occurrence of water sorption, which decreases the risk of degradation and leads to excellent durability. G2-BOND Universal offers clinicians long-lasting restorations, virtually no postoperative sensitivity for their patients, outstanding marginal quality, and excellent handling and dispensing with a modern, ergonomic bottle cover design that eliminates waste.

Noting that G2-BOND Universal is easy to integrate, Nový utilizes the bonding agent as part of his "immediate dentinal sealing" technique. "G2-BOND Universal gives great control over any contamination from the sulcus while bonding my indirect restoration in," he says.

"I used to brag about how few composites I placed each month, choosing instead to use glass-ionomer," Nový says. "However, G2-BOND Universal has been a key component in successfully restoring some of my most extreme-risk patients."

Brian B. Nový, DDS
Chief Dental Officer,
Alliance Dental Center,
Quincy, Massachusetts

GC America

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