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October 2022
Volume 43, Issue 9

CLEARFIL™ SE Protect: Antibacterial Plus Fluoride-Releasing Benefits

A background in chemistry and microbiology-as well as 34 years' experience practicing dentistry-has led Greg Campbell, DDS, to pay close attention to the products and materials he both uses on his patients and recommends to his peers.

"I love helping my patients by understanding how to use products and materials to achieve the best possible long-term outcome, and I'm also proud to be able to help my peers elevate their skills," says the Long Beach, California, practitioner, who has created multiple polishing kits used for ceramics, is a frequent lecturer on digital dentistry, and has expertise in advanced adhesion.

With his background and history in product creation, Campbell knows how important it is for adhesive materials, of which there are many on the market, to live up to expectations. As an example, he points to his glowing experience with Kuraray's CLEARFIL SE Protect.

"I started using CLEARFIL SE Protect exclusively more than 7 years ago once I saw clinically that it did exactly what the manufacturer claimed it would do," he explains. "The light-cure, self-etching bonding agent is easy to use and eliminates additional products many clinicians add to their bonding protocol. It has two bottles and it's water-based."

For those who are familiar with CLEARFIL SE Bond, Campbell says the transition to CLEARFIL SE Protect is seamless, and offers additional benefits. "SE Protect has the same components and technique as SE Bond with two added features: the SE Protect Primer has a unique, antibacterial monomer (MDPB) and the SE Protect adhesive has fluoride releasing," he says. "These two ingredients provide the clinical advantages of strong antimicrobial activity and stabilization of dentin bonds, and they eliminate the extra steps and purchasing of antibacterial agents. The MDPB antibacterial monomer is also insoluble because it polymerizes with the adhesive, a first of its kind in dentistry."

The antimicrobial product and desensitizer are "a huge plus," Campbell notes. The MDPB monomer is one that "many competitors are now racing to add to their products, as it's been proven to be highly effective in achieving long-term bond success," he says.

With CLEARFIL SE Protect, Campbell says he worries less about tooth sensitivity. "This was the first water-based product I used for bonding, so I learned to gently but thoroughly air-dry the primer," he says, adding that he soon noticed that "patients were reporting no sensitivity or other postoperative issues."

Campbell concludes that using Kuraray's CLEARFIL SE Protect is a "win-win." "The team likes not having additional items to set up for patient procedures, and our patients like having almost zero issues with their completed work, even in cases with near exposure."

Greg Campbell, DDS
Private Practice, Long Beach, California

Kuraray America, Inc.

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