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September 2022
Volume 43, Issue 8

alloOss® Plus: Easy Handling, Highly Predictable for Optimal Regeneration

With more than 30 years of experience as a periodontist focused on periodontal, regenerative, and implant therapies, and the recipient of numerous honors in the periodontal specialty, Paul S. Rosen, DMD, MS, is uniquely qualified to discuss the latest developments in tissue and bone regeneration solutions.

"Guided tissue and guided bone regeneration technologies have evolved throughout my career," says Rosen, whose honors include the Master Clinician Award from the American Academy of Periodontology and the Isador Hirschfeld Award for Clinical Excellence from the Northeastern Society of Periodontists. Dental regenerative care, Rosen notes, has long sought a substitute for the iliac crest autograft taken from a patient's hip that would be as predictable in outcome with reduced morbidity.

Such efforts, Rosen explains, have centered around a variety of bone substitutes, some with biologic additions or blood concentrates. "They have enhanced our ability to grow back lost tissues, such as bone. Today, bone viable matrices offer similar benefits as the original hip autografts, except the growth factors and stem cells come from a donor. The original formulation of these grafts was in the form of particulates, which, while effective, were a bit difficult to handle. Now these grafts are using bone fibers, which enhance handling and offer highly predictable results. This allows us to save teeth and/or place dental implants where I would have not thought possible in the past."

One product Rosen relies on, particularly in some of his more difficult cases, is alloOss® Plus (ACE SOUTHERN). This bone viable matrix product, he explains, is specifically formulated for use in dentistry (rather than orthopedic use), as it is created using cortical fibers and smaller bone chips. "This combination makes alloOss Plus easier to handle. Also, unlike many other stem cell-based products that come frozen, alloOss Plus can be thawed relatively quickly. This is important because there are some procedures in which it's uncertain if a bone viable matrix graft will be indicated, and you hate to waste precious material," he says. "The handling is excellent; it is easily shaped or molded into place. Another benefit is that a barrier membrane is not always needed to contain this graft material."

The manufacturer recommends alloOss Plus for use in ridge and sinus augmentation, periodontal defects, grafting for implant placement, and sinus elevation. Rosen says he approaches the surgical care of his patients as if he will only get one chance, which is why product predictability is crucial.

"I have had great success using alloOss Plus in very challenging cases, such as furcation bone loss and complex periodontal lesions, as well as advanced ridge deformities," he says. "The regenerated bone has been of good quality, and the graft material seems to turn over quicker than traditional allograft materials. alloOss Plus has helped to redefine what I might think is a hopeless tooth."

Paul S. Rosen, DMD, MS
Clinical Professor, RutgersUniversity School of Dental Medicine and University of Maryland School of Dentistry; Private Practices, Yardley, Pennsylvania, and New York, New York; Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology; Fellow, American College of Dentists


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