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February 2022
Volume 43, Issue 2

Beautifil Kids SA™ Helps Dentist Keep Pace in Busy Pediatric Practice

Working as a pediatric dentist managing, not just one but two, dental practices brings about numerous challenges that require special solutions. Shukan Kanuga, DDS, MSD, a board-certified pediatric dentist in Southern California, explains just how complicated it can get sometimes.

"A typical day at the practice consists of seven to 10 restorative treatment patients per doctor while another 22 to 30 kids get their new patient visits, recall visits, sealants, space maintainers, emergency visits, or any combination of these. All it takes is a patient or two taking a few minutes longer in their treatments for the entire schedule to fall behind," she says, adding that having a reception area full of high-energy kids and busy parents waiting to be seen can add considerable stress to the office team.

One key product that has helped bring some harmony to the practice workflow, Kanuga says, is Beautifil Kids SA, a new self-adhesive flowable composite from Shofu Dental Corp.

"Despite being a fast-paced, high-volume practice, we pride ourselves in seeing our patients in a timely manner with no to minimal wait times, while, of course, providing high-quality, evidence-based dental care in a nurturing and positive manner," says the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry diplomate. "Beautifil Kids SA aligns quite well with our practice philosophy and clinical style. It utilizes Giomer Technology, which is supported by sound clinical evidence in the Beautifil line of packable and flowable products and is also proven to offer long-term, highly esthetic, and durable restorations with minimal failures."

Kanuga adds: "The release and recharge of fluoride and other useful ions along with superior bond strength to enamel and dentin is a match made in heaven in the bioactive class of dental restorative materials. It's a pleasure to follow-up on patients at their recall visits and see the restored teeth exfoliate naturally after years of serving the patient."

Beautifil Kids SA is a self-adhesive flowable composite that, Kanuga notes, eliminates the need for two steps-etch and bond-and can be used to restore teeth right after preparation/caries removal. The elimination of these two technique-sensitive steps can be crucial when treating fidgety young kids with poor attention spans, she says.

Indicated for small class 1, class 3, and class 5 restorations, Beautifil Kids SA, "works wonders in terms of quality and speed of restorative treatment in conjunction with an isolation system," Kanuga affirms. "I have implemented Beautifil Kids SA together with other Beautifil composites, and I sometimes use it on young kids who need a few occlusal and/or facial composites on primary teeth and for preventive resin restorations (PRRs) on permanent molars requiring minimal prep. It allows me to complete all restorations in one visit with nitrous oxide oxygen, which parents really appreciate."

Finally, Kanuga suggests Beautifil Kids SA can serve as a great practice builder as it allows minimally invasive treatment for the management of dental caries in toddlers, eliminating the need for more invasive options like sedations. In such cases, "happy and grateful parents invariably share their success stories and send their friends and family our way!"

Shukan Kanuga, DDS, MSD
Private Practice,
Santa Clarita, California

Shofu Dental Corporation

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