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September 2021
Volume 42, Issue 8

OSSIX® Membranes Provide Long-Term Barrier Function Vital for Optimal Regeneration

One thing David Wong, DDS, has noticed while using regenerative materials for oral surgery and implant dentistry for the past 20 years is that although treatment planning has not changed much, the ease of execution has improved dramatically.

"Over the years, we have gained more choices for our patients to fit a variety of situations and needs," says Wong, who has incorporated the entire line of Dentsply Sirona regenerative products in his practice. "PerioDerm acellular dermal allograft from Dentsply Sirona, in particular, has made treating patients with gingival recession much simpler, predictable, and successful."

Wong is a periodontist at Route 66 Dental Implants & Periodontics in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a practice he opened in 2003 and which relies heavily on referrals, with "99% of our patients" coming from referral. He thus aims to implement practical and predictable techniques-using the best products-to optimize outcomes for his patients.

Wong, whose practice specializes in dental implants, bone grafts, and soft-tissue grafting among other services, asserts that barrier function is the key to successful bone and tissue regeneration and, ultimately, implant osseointegration. When placing dental implants, a dental barrier membrane is used to stabilize and contain the defect by preventing gingival tissues from infiltrating the site. Because bone tissue grows slower than soft tissue, the barrier is needed to prevent soft-tissue cells from occupying the space and giving time for the bone cells to fill.

"I was first exposed to Dentsply Sirona's OSSIX® line of regeneration products many years ago and have been happily reintroduced to them since their relaunch," Wong says. "The membranes are second to none and work marvelously."

In his line of work, choosing the right regenerative solutions is imperative, Wong says, which is why he sticks with the OSSIX products. "The best part about them is that they keep their barrier function for the longest period of time, which is key when it comes to regenerating bone," he explains. "The long-term barrier function is what makes OSSIX unique."

OSSIX® Plus is a resilient resorbable collagen membrane that offers clinicians numerous benefits, according to Dentsply Sirona. It maintains barrier function for 4 to 6 months and undergoes ossification when fully submerged. Featuring the proprietary sugar cross-linking GLYMATRIX® technology, which is similar to naturally occurring collagen, with enhanced stability, the ossifying membrane provides resistance to degradation upon exposure for 3 to 5 weeks. It offers excellent handling properties, adapting and conforming to defects and adhering well to tissue. As a porcine-derived product, the membrane provides excellent biocompatibility.

OSSIX Plus is also versatile, a feature that Wong appreciates in his busy practice. Among the procedures for which the membrane can be used are ridge augmentations, alveolar ridge preservation consequent to tooth extraction(s), and lateral window sinus elevation procedures. It is also well-suited in implants with vertical bone loss due to infection in cases where satisfactory debridement and implant surface disinfection can be achieved. Other applications include intrabony defects around teeth, treatment of recession defects together with a coronally positioned flap, and furcation defects in multi-rooted teeth.

While patients may not have an awareness post-treatment of which regenerative materials are used in their restorations, Wong says, "the results of using OSSIX products speak for themselves." To see some of Wong's most impressive cases, check out his Instagram account at

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