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July/August 2021
Volume 42, Issue 7

Making up for Missed Meetings

First, I would like to acknowledge the transitioning of the Compendium Editor-in-Chief torch to Dr. Markus Blatz from Dr. Louis Rose, known to many of us simply as "Lou." Lou Rose has been a revolutionary doctor in the field of dentistry. A periodontist and a physician, Lou has taught so many of us the important role dentistry plays in the patient's overall health. On a personal level, I can think of nobody more supportive and influential on my career path as a periodontist, researcher, and speaker. I am grateful Dr. Rose will be maintaining a presence at Compendium and look forward to the journal's future under Dr. Blatz.

When I was invited to serve as guest editor for this year's Compendium Annual Implant Issue, I thought about how to make it special for the readership. In the past year-and-a-half of uncertainty, obstacles, and challenges, I've asked myself what I miss most about a "normal" year in the dental profession. The answer was simple: I missed meetings. Not only for social and networking purposes, but I missed hearing the top speakers present their latest research, innovations, and findings. My thought then turned to making this issue a collective work of contemporary information worthy of being presented from podiums worldwide. From that point forward, I asked some of the best and brightest clinicians and technicians from around the world to contribute to this issue.

Needless to say I am extremely pleased with and proud of the results-a collection of outstanding articles of original material on implant dentistry. The focus of this issue is "esthetic implant therapy." I consider it to be a "global issue," with top contributors from Europe, the Middle East, and across the United States providing various perspectives on surgical, prosthetic, and laboratory-related topics. The authors have tackled provocative questions such as when to keep a compromised tooth versus extraction and implant therapy, when to immediately replace a hopeless tooth, what new dental materials to use for esthetic success; and whether implant therapy in the esthetic zone is appropriate as it relates to peri-implantitis.

We hope to challenge readers by presenting points of view that may be different from theirs. The goal here is to advance the field of esthetic implant therapy, with more stable, functional, and cosmetic outcomes. I thank our "all-star" panel of authors for sharing their amazing work, experience, and expertise.

Please enjoy,

Barry P. Levin, DMD
Section Editor, Implants, Compendium

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