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June 2021
Volume 42, Issue 6

ClearCorrect™ Clear Aligners: A “Great Practice Builder” for New Dentists

For Maria Jackson, DDS, the benefits of offering clear aligners in her burgeoning Forney, Texas, practice are multifaceted. "I started my career after dental school by doing a residency heavy in oral surgery, so I've taken out more than my fair share of teeth! This was followed by years of crown-and-bridge dentistry, including a lot of endodontic therapy," Jackson says. "When I started my own office, I knew I wanted to focus on prevention and protection, so my patients wouldn't have to end up with a mouth full of root canals, crowns, or-worse-dentures. So I began training in orthodontics, with both braces and clear aligners, because when you put teeth in the right places, they wear better over time."

She continues: "Straight teeth are strong teeth. Strong teeth are beautiful and healthy. Healthy teeth last a lifetime without needing expensive dental work. Orthodontics is as essential as hygiene in my practice."

After training with various clear aligner systems, Jackson chose ClearCorrect Clear Aligners for her practice, and says she is delighted with the results.

"For me, ClearCorrect stands out because its customer service is unparalleled. The technicians are highly knowledgeable and helpful in answering questions about treatment planning," she says. "Just the other day, I was on the phone with one of the technicians reviewing a case, which is really beneficial so I can achieve an amazing outcome the first time around."

In addition to the superb customer service, the fact that clinicians can use multiple scanners with ClearCorrect is another significant advantage, she notes.

"The open system for digital-impression scanners is especially important because you do not have to buy multiple scanners for one office. As a general dentist in a new office, it is really nice to be able to buy a 3Shape TRIOS® scanner and utilize it for orthodontics, crown-and-bridge, study models, smile design, and much more. This versatility allows me to be digital without breaking the bank," Jackson says.

The technology can make a striking difference with patients, too. "Digital impressions are the biggest game changer for clear aligners; patients love it," she says. "Showing a patient in a few minutes what their smile could look like is key in improving overall case acceptance. Having that smile redesign after just one digital scan is crucial and time saving."

Being able to provide ClearCorrect aligners has brought in a segment of patients Jackson would otherwise refer elsewhere, she says. "Clear aligners are a great practice builder. I opened my own office last year and incorporating clear aligner therapy has been a great help. We can provide true comprehensive care and treatment planning for our patients."

Also, ClearCorrect recently launched Mentor TPS, powered by orthobrain®, giving dentists direct access to orthodontists to aid in treatment planning. "It's comforting to be able to plan a case I am unsure about with orthobrain and ask questions back and forth," Jackson says. "This allows clinicians to take on cases and expand their practice skills."

With clear aligner technology continuing to progress, Jackson notes that the indication for this treatment option is expanding beyond correction of slightly crowded teeth and small spaces and into more complex cases with the use of supplemental tools like engagers, dimples, elastics, and buttons.

"ClearCorrect is an excellent option for clinicians to consider. I love that clear aligners allow patients to maintain proper hygiene during treatment by being removable, so they can fully access their teeth and gums for cleaning. Every general dentist should have ClearCorrect as part of their toolbox," she concludes.



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