October 2020
Volume 41, Issue 9

Choosing Wisely

As dental clinicians, we are faced with countless choices virtually every day in our practices. Some choices are less critical than others, while some are gigantic. But when it comes to treating our patients, every decision we make is an important one.

For example, when selecting restorative materials, considering the many advancements that have been made in this facet of dentistry in just the past 5 years, particularly in the area of translucency, clinicians have much to ponder. This is especially so for anterior crowns, which require both excellent mechanical and esthetic properties. This issue of Compendium features a clinical materials review article in which the authors discuss options for single-unit anterior crowns. The article focuses on the strengths and limitations of lithium disilicate, 4Y and 5Y zirconia, and layered 3Y zirconia materials and offers guidance on their indications in these types of restorations.

As we've come to know all too well over the past several years, clinicians also must be very careful in their prescribing of pain medication, particularly for acute postoperative pain. With the ongoing opioid crisis in the United States, the choice of pain management strategy continues to be critical. In one of our continuing education (CE) articles this month the authors describe how dentists can utilize a multimodal analgesic approach to help patients manage postoperative pain.

Dentists also make important choices when it comes to providing care for patients who may have other health conditions, such as hypertension. As stated in our other CE article, many dental patients are unaware they are hypertensive, and dentists can play a unique role in identifying undiagnosed patients or those with uncontrolled blood pressure levels. The article discusses the management of hypertensive patients in the dental office in light of recently updated guidelines.

This well-rounded issue of Compendium also includes a special report on adhesive dentistry, a roundtable discussion on digital treatment planning in conjunction with clear aligner therapy, and an "online only" section (see p.450) that features a case report on the use of a modified tunnel technique and acellular dermal matrix to treat gingival recession.

Making the right choices in dental treatment is not always easy and clear-cut. At Compendium we're dedicated to keeping clinicians informed so they can succeed in their everyday decisions.


Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD

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