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September 2020
Volume 41, Issue 8

Z-SYSTEMS Ceramic Implants Give Clinicians Flexibility While Maximizing Esthetics

As the owner of a multidisciplinary specialty dental practice in the greater Chicago area that focuses on implant procedures, including single-tooth implant placement in the anterior, full-mouth implant rehabilitation, and complex cases, Paul Petrungaro, DDS, MS, takes pride in "rebuilding people's hope and confidence." His practice does this, he says, "by transforming complicated dental issues into beautiful smiles and healthy oral cavities that patients can enjoy for a lifetime."

Clearly, the use of trusted implants that will stand the test of time and satisfy patients' esthetic needs is crucial to Petrungaro. About 5 years ago he began using Z-SYSTEMS ceramic implants for a variety of reasons, including their natural ability to integrate with bone and gums, their sustainability and strength, and their esthetics. Today he uses these biocompatible implants, which the manufacturer calls "the world's first 100% fully ceramic screw-retained implant," routinely at his practice.

The metal-free, pure zirconium-oxide implants are available in one-piece, two-piece, and tapered designs and come with a full ceramic surgical kit. According to Petrungaro, the design of Z-SYSTEMS ceramic implants allows clinicians to not only modify the abutment and collar in the one-piece along with the implant itself, but the same is also true for the two-piece implant, providing increased flexibility. "I appreciate how the threads, thread pitch, and thread design integrate into the bone and attain initial stability for immediate loading procedures," he says.

Z-SYSTEMS recently developed and released a two-piece bone-level implant system that, Petrungaro says, "allows clinicians to preserve interproximal heights of bone and facial heights of contour of bone by using platform-switching techniques that were not previously achievable with zirconia implants." The bone-level line enables placement of the head of the implant in a variety of locations and positions to maximize esthetics and emergence profile while minimizing crestal bone loss, he says.

The Z-SYSTEMS ceramic implants allow Petrungaro to treat a wide range of complex cases, notably those with compromised gingival contours and volume, particularly in the esthetic zone. "I also am able to replace previously failed implants with these implants, because their composition is such that it reduces the development of peri-implantitis due to minimal biofilm formation." He adds that his patients appreciate having the option of metal-free implants.

According to the manufacturer, the ceramic implants accumulate less plaque than titanium implants, cause no irritation to the immune system, and are stronger than titanium implants. Additionally, ceramic implants are opaque to x-rays and, therefore, easy to recognize. Clinically, because of their white color, there are no gray shadows that show through.

Petrungaro believes zirconia implants will have a large impact on the future of implant dentistry. "Peri-implant diseases are reduced because zirconia lacks an affinity for biofilm formation," he says. "With society more and more conscious about the ramifications of infections, premature heart disease, and the potential of titanium leaching out alloys into the surrounding bone and soft tissues, I think zirconia implants will play a huge role in addressing patients' concerns regarding these issues. Plus, they allow for an optimal peri-implant soft-tissue emergence profile."

For those interested in integrating Z-SYSTEMS ceramic implants into their practices, Petrungaro notes that the company provides several education options and ample support, including mentorship programs, for its products. Regarding patient feedback, Petrungaro comments, "Not a day goes by that we don't have somebody calling the office asking about metal-free implants as an alternative to conventional titanium."

Z-SYSTEMS Ceramic Implants

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