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July/August 2019
Volume 40, Issue 7

Oral Surgeon Integrates Digital Workflow With 3Shape TRIOS and 3Shape Implant Studio

Evan Chafitz, DMD, an oral surgeon practicing in multiple New York locations, has always had an interest in technology. At his practice, where the focus is predominately office-based procedures, such as dentoalveolar surgery and implant-related treatments, they have multiple scanners, lab and chairside milling units, and 3D printers, which he says are used with regularity. "I have always liked technology and computers," he states, "and this naturally led to the inclusion of technology into our practice."

When Chafitz first started using surgical planning guides, he found the process both tedious and expensive. "We had to ship our models to the company for scanning and STL conversion prior to implant planning," he recalls. After researching the 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanner and comparing the price of leasing the machine versus shipping the models, it was an easy decision. "I realized about 5 years ago that the cost of wrapping and sending the models was more expensive than leasing the TRIOS," he attests. "Plus, because everything was now being done in-house, we started saving a huge amount of time and work."

Because 3Shape knew Chafitz was familiar with guided surgery, the company suggested that he try the 3Shape Implant Studio® CAD software as well. "Ever since we trained on the software, it became the only software we would use," he notes. "We have been able to use it for all types of cases, and at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing the production."

Chafitz appreciates the versatility of 3Shape's digital workflow. "In the past, fabricating a surgical guide was a more involved process," he explains, "so we would only fabricate one for more complex cases." Now, he says, one can be produced in the fraction of the time, allowing him to create a guide for any implant case it may benefit. "I use Implant Studio on a daily basis now," he claims.

While the 3Shape TRIOS is certainly beneficial to Chaftiz, his patients benefit from its use as well. The TRIOS allows him to engage patients in the process of surgical planning. "The patients are able to visualize on the screen the anatomical, restorative, and surgical concerns we may have for their individual case," he explains. "The smile design software is a great tool to show patients." This process, he says, allows for more predictable, efficient surgeries while also helping to lower the cost of the procedure for the patient.

For clinicians interested in integrating digital workflow into their practices, Chafitz suggests they do their research and to begin with the 3Shape TRIOS and Implant Studio. Once they master using the software and observe its potential, they can easily add printers, chairside mills, and other software modules. "The idea of entering the realm of digital dentistry may be intimidating, but it is worth it," he assures. Additionally, 3Shape offers extensive training and support, such as lectures and online tools, through vendors that sell the products.

Chafitz feels that the Implant Studio and associated software has allowed him to better communicate with his patients, referring dentists, and laboratories. He attests that this has led to a significant increase in the number and types of cases he can do. "We are now entering the greatest phase of dentistry with chairside mills and printers," he asserts. "I think this is just the beginning of digital dentistry, and I believe 3Shape is the leader in the industry."


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