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May 2019
Volume 40, Issue 5

GC America’s MI Products With RECALDENT™ Help Clinician Simplify Caries Management

Having started her dental career as a hygienist, Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, DMD, BSDH, often reflects on her beginnings, when, after observing dentists with patients, she was inspired to become a dentist herself. "When I began practicing as a hygienist, I was able to spot a problem in a patient's mouth, but I didn't have enough experience to give them solutions," she recalls. "I was so impressed when the dentist performed the exam and was able to identify solutions for my patients." Her goal, after becoming a prosthodontist, was to be able to offer the same quality care she saw other dentists provide their patients.

Today, Maragliano-Muniz is a prominent prosthodontist with a thriving practice in Salem, Massachusetts, an international lecturer and author, and a past recipient of the American Dental Association's Adult Preventive Care Practice of the Year. "I love that I am now able to merge both pros-thodontics and hygiene, because I believe that prevention is the cornerstone of any restorative dental practice," she explains.

Maragliano-Muniz appreciates products and technologies that assist her in identifying caries at an early stage and allow her to monitor the remineralization process. Thus, she favors the use of products containing RECALDENT, a milk-derived protein that releases bioavailable calcium and phosphate to tooth surfaces. Her decision of which product(s) to use is also based on taking and updating the patient's medical history.

"I have found that keeping at-home practices simple is the key to the successful management of caries," Maragliano-Muniz attests. GC America's MI family of products all contain RECALDENT, which is one of the main reasons why she uses them in her practice and recommends them to her patients.

"My experience with MI products has been extremely positive," she says. She points out that MI Varnish® has a low film thickness and high fluoride release and typically leaves patients with a thin layer of varnish that is barely detectable. This characteristic, along with an assortment of pleasing flavors, helps make patients very accepting of this varnish.

Maragliano-Muniz also touts the benefits of the MI Paste® products. "I recommend MI Paste®, MI Paste Plus®, or MI Paste ONE® to patients, depending on their needs," she states, also accounting for their medical history. MI Paste Plus offers the same benefits of MI Paste but with a patented form of fluoride. MI Paste ONE is a brush-on formula that incorporates RECALDENT, toothpaste, and an additional desensitizer in one, low-abrasion, neutral-pH paste. It combines cleaning with treatment for caries, hypersensitivity, tooth erosion, and wear. MI Paste Plus, MI Paste One, and MI Varnish contain fluoride ranging from 900 ppm to 22,600 ppm.

"These products really are unique from other products on the market," Maragliano-Muniz asserts, noting that though there are many formulations of topical fluorides, as well as other products that contain calcium and phosphate, none stabilize calcium and phosphate with casein-phosphopeptide, a milk-based protein that keeps calcium and phosphate in a stable, bioavailable state. "This allows these minerals to be readily available when the oral cavity environment is acidic and therefore needs them most, as they accumulate in saliva and dental plaque until needed."

Thanks to MI Paste and MI Varnish products, Maragliano-Muniz is able to offer just a few, simple solutions to her patients-including children, adults, and geriatric patients-that make an enormous impact on caries and dentin hypersensitivity reduction. "There are many applications for which these products can be used, including prevention of white-spot lesions in orthodontic patients," she says. "The delivery system is easy for patients, the flavors are great, and there are tremendous advantages to using products containing RECALDENT," she concludes.

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