May 2018
Volume 39, Issue 5

MI Paste® Family Uniquely Combines Protein and Minerals for Healthy Teeth

Over the course of his career, Brian B. Nový, DDS, has developed an expertise in the science of dental caries management and evidence-based dentistry. His passion derives from his curiosity to learn not just how to treat tooth decay, but how to prevent the disease. "In school I was taught to repair the damage that was done to a tooth, but was never really taught how to treat the disease. I started thinking about what products were available that I could use to change the environment in a patient's mouth," he explains.

Nový began using GC America's MI Paste® Family soon after his graduation from dental school in 2006. "MI Paste was used mostly for sensitivity at the time. I started thinking that because it has calcium, phosphate, protein, and fluoride in it-everything needed for a healthy mouth-why couldn't I use it to treat tooth decay?" says Nový, whose Westborough, Massachusetts, practice has been named a past winner of ADA's "Adult Preventive Care Practice of the Year."

The MI Paste Family (MI Paste®, MI Paste Plus®, and MI Paste® ONE) are the only products for professional use containing RECALDENT casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate (CPP-ACP), a milk-derived protein that releases vital minerals into the mouth, according to the manufacturer. To Nový, this is the most critical aspect of these products. "You need to actually change the balance of minerals in the plaque on a tooth. If you want healthy plaque, it needs to have protein in it. That's why I turned to MI Paste. It is composed of basically everything you need to achieve healthy plaque," he says.

The unique combination of protein and minerals together is what impresses Nový. "Otherwise, the only other compounds available are inorganic ions, which may have calcium, phosphate, or fluoride but they are not protein derived. They're not held in a protein. Since we know good plaque has protein in it, it makes sense to put into a patient's mouth all the ingredients that plaque should have rather than just the ions it should have," he surmises.

The products offered in this line each have their own indications and benefits. The MI Paste and MI Paste Plus (which has fluoride added) are intended to relieve sensitivity by protecting dental nerve endings by forming a buffer against plaque. They are not considered toothpastes, but rather water-based, sugar-free topical tooth creams available in five appealing flavors. MI Paste ONE is a two-in-one application of both toothpaste and MI Paste Plus. In essence, toothpaste and CPP-ACP are now both available in one step. MI Paste ONE treats hypersensitivity, remineralizes tooth enamel, prevents white-spot lesions, and combats erosion and wear.

MI Paste ONE is a great-tasting asset for Nový to use with his pediatric patients in particular, he says, as children who may not like toothpaste because of the taste or texture now have an alternative option. "Also, for a patient who has a cavity you are watching to make sure it doesn't get bigger, rather than just watching it we can put the patient on MI Paste ONE instead of regular toothpaste to help reverse the lesion," Nový explains.

He also points to "really promising studies" in the orthodontic literature that show that even around braces where patients have difficulty removing plaque, MI Paste ONE has the ability to stop white spots from forming. "A lot of people say they need to see more peer-reviewed research, but I bet if they saw the results on one patient, it's all they would need to see."

For Nový, using GC's line of MI Pastes to remineralize early cavities is smarter than "just jumping to cutting a tooth. Healthy plaque has protein in it, and this product is a protein-based remineralization agent. So why not try to get our patients to put more protein in their mouth? It is just a natural fit," he affirms.

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