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Nov/Dec 2017
Volume 38, Issue 11

No Lab Required: Sinter and Glaze With CEREC® SpeedFire

Justin Gates, DDS, describes his practice as modern with a focus on providing the best care and dental experience for his patients through the use of cutting-edge technology. Being able to do so in a time-efficient manner is crucial, as his practice is located in rural Virginia and many patients travel a long distance to receive their dental care. By integrating the CEREC® SpeedFire sintering furnace into his in-office operations, Gates is able to deliver convenient, efficient appointments for his patients.

“The recent advances in CAD/CAM dentistry have made treating patients more effective, easier—and more fun than ever before,” Gates insists. “The addition of zirconia to chairside dentistry has allowed us to treat a broader range of patients with same-day restorations. We're able to provide custom zirconia abutments, bridges, and crowns in a single visit.”

Gates' practice, he says, was one of the early adopters of the CEREC SpeedFire, which he purchased in 2016 when it became available. “We wanted to add another treatment option and material to our CAD/CAM repertoire,” he says. “The SpeedFire gave us the flexibility to choose the correct material for the patient's needs without needing a laboratory or a second appointment to deliver that restoration.”

Combining sintering and glazing processes in one device, the CEREC SpeedFire sinters a full-contour zirconia crown in about 10 to 15 minutes, according to the manufacturer. The dental furnace is also small and compact, which makes it convenient to fit into an office space. Features of the unit include an LED status indicator, touch display, a SuperSpeed chamber that can process multiple crowns or a three-unit bridge, and induction technology for fast heating cycles.

As with other CEREC products, the new sintering furnace seamlessly integrates into the CEREC workflow via the intuitive CEREC® Software. “The CEREC Software customizes the firing time for each restoration individually, and then it automatically sends that information to the SpeedFire furnace,” Gates explains. “So from a doctor's perspective, there is no need to program the SpeedFire for the restoration itself; the CEREC Software provides all the information for you,” he states, noting that this helps simplify the learning process.

“Once the information gets to the furnace, I simply select the patient name and the restoration I want to crystallize or sinter, and then hit start. The furnace is very intuitive and user friendly,” Gates adds.

Because restorations can be completed without involving a laboratory, the CEREC SpeedFire has impacted the way his patients respond to receiving treatment. “We've seen a tremendous acceptance of treatment with patients because their restoration can be provided in a same-day scenario,” Gates confirms. In addition, the elimination of the second delivery appointment that would otherwise be needed for zirconia restorations enables his practice to see more patients.

Besides enjoying the benefit of spending less time at the dentist office, patients also seem to like the ability to view the restoration process firsthand, Gates notes. “Most of the time when patients see the CEREC SpeedFire furnace in operation, they are awed at how their restoration shrinks right in front of their eyes and is then custom designed to their tooth,” he says. “It really does offer a ‘wow' factor.”

Now that Gates has, as he says, added this new notch to his practitioner “tool belt,” he is better prepared to provide his patients with what he considers to be the optimal, most efficient care possible. “When you remove that second appointment, now you're able to see another patient and provide more treatment for more patients. Not only are your patients getting the best care with the newest technology, but this, in turn, makes your office more productive,” he concludes.

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