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September 2017
Volume 38, Issue 8

Optimized Digital Dentistry With BellaTek® Encode® Impression System

For the past 17 years, Christopher Ramsey, DMD, and his business partner have concentrated on restorative dentistry in their Jupiter, Florida, practice. To offer the highest level of care for their patients, they strive to learn and perfect all aspects of restorative care from a technology, materials, and science standpoint. One way Dr. Ramsey has achieved this has been by using the BellaTek® Encode® Impression System for his digital intraoral scanning needs, and he stresses how it has “opened up a world of possibilities that have never been recognized before.”

The BellaTek Encode Impression System aims to provide optimized solutions that simplify the treatment process for the surgeon, restorative clinician, and laboratory. One of the benefits of BellaTek Encode is the reduction in swaps because of the unique codes on the occlusal surface of the healing abutment, which eliminates the need for an impression coping. Also, because removing the healing abutment is unnecessary, the tissue is preserved, resulting in esthetic outcomes for the patient.

“Once the second-stage healing abutment is put on, everything you need is right there, and there is no need to remove the abutment when scanning, which is better for the tissues long term. Simply scan the upper and the lower, scan their bite, take a shade, and the patient can be on their way,” Dr. Ramsey affirms.

This unique time-saving technology, available from Zimmer Biomet Dental, is valuable for both the dentist and patient. When the need for impression copings and conventional impression materials is eliminated, the process is streamlined for the dental practitioner. The patient also has an easier and more comfortable experience.

“No longer do I have to bring a patient back because of flaws in the original impression, such as drags, pulls, or any other distortion. Predictability is key with the BellaTek Encode Impression System. This is a benefit to both my practice and my patients. My partner and I profit from the reduced chairtime, which allows for an opportunity to see more patients in a day. Our patients are always pleased to be in and out,” Dr. Ramsey says.

Patients also appreciate the comfort and esthetics that the BellaTek Encode provides with a less invasive impression procedure and specifically designed abutments for better esthetic outcomes compared to traditional non-digital procedures. “It definitely creates an amazing ‘wow’ factor because now there is also no anesthesia, nothing to take off, and no bleeding or even any foul taste when you remove implant parts,” Dr. Ramsey notes. “Overall, it is probably the best experience a patient could have.”

Along with the many benefits to the patient, one of the biggest advantages for the entire dental team is the optimized workflow the BellaTek Encode Impression System creates. Dr. Ramsey explains, “I think it is important to understand how amazing the workflow is. After a patient comes in and you scan him or her, that digital file from your scanner will now go to an Encode Empowered Laboratory. What is great about this technology is the ability to take STL files from your scanner and put them into the design software, because now the laboratories can design your abutment on the spot, mill your model, and fabricate your abutment immediately. The workflow is faster, allowing you to receive your abutment and crown in a few days instead of weeks. Now you get a full encode, custom abutment, and crown from these Encode Empowered Laboratories at a very reasonable rate.”

These end-to-end treatment solutions, Dr. Ramsey adds, allow for a more efficient workflow compared to a traditional one that requires additional parts and pieces, equaling less inventory to stock and providing a vehicle for practice growth.

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