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September 2017
Volume 38, Issue 8

A Gentle, Reliable Implant Solution: The “All-in-Two” Concept

Markus Hürzeler, DMD, PhD

In addition to offering periodontal and implant services to patients out of his private practice in Munich, Germany, Markus Hürzeler, DMD, PhD, is an international speaker providing dental professionals with training on complex implant treatments. Dr. Hürzeler, in conjunction with Thommen Medical, has introduced a new concept to provide patients with a plan that is affordable and as painless as possible while decreasing the amount of time the patient spends in the dental chair.

“In implantology, we talk too much about highly esthetic anterior teeth in younger patients and forget that we must also offer innovative, gentle, and durable solutions for the posterior area,” Dr. Hürzeler says. In an effort to provide this solution for patients, he developed the “All-in-Two” concept—a patient-friendly treatment solution that requires only two sessions and is designed specifically for implant restorations in the posterior area. Unlike conventional treatment concepts, the surgical procedure and a scan are carried out in the first session and the provisional restoration is immediately inserted, so the patient leaves the practice with a provisional bridge.

According to Dr. Hürzeler, “It is a digital restoration chain with the objective of minimizing stress to the patient, treatment time, pain, and costs. At the same time, it involves high-quality patient-oriented solutions. Such solutions are gentle, easy to clean in the mouth, and, in the long run, durable.”

For this concept, Dr. Hürzeler uses a specific temporary abutment, the VARIOtemp (Thommen Medical), which can be used to rapidly and easily fabricate a provisional solution in the laboratory. The patient keeps this temporary abutment until the final solution is inserted, and Dr. Hürzeler bonds the crown—made of zirconium oxide—to the titanium base. “The narrow abutment screw plays an important role, as a narrower abutment screw means more zirconium and a reduced risk of chipping and fractures,” he says.

He explains further, “The biggest difference is that we operate, scan, and insert the provisional restoration during the first, longer session. The patient leaves the practice with a provisional solution, which is replaced by the final restoration a few months later. Both suprastructures—the provisional and the final—can be optimally cleaned by the patient.” The final restoration is implemented using a one-piece abutment.

To teach this concept, Dr. Hürzeler provides training courses that demonstrate a step-by-step process for implementing the “All-in-Two” concept on a patient. “I demonstrate how we prepare the patient for the surgical procedure, how we carry out the digital scan, how the temporary restoration is fabricated, and, finally, how we insert the final restoration. Then, the course participants will practice on a model,” he explains. By carrying out the steps themselves, he adds, the participants immediately gain experience with the concept.

In March of 2018, Dr. Hürzeler will bring his training course to the United States, with a hands-on, full day of training at locations in Dallas; Raleigh, NC; and Chicago.

The emphasis of this concept is making the restoration patient-friendly. In Dr. Hürzeler’s opinion, patient-oriented implantology is derived from the term “biologically driven implant placement.” As this concept involves a screw-retained implant restoration in the posterior area, he is able to avoid cement residues with their biological risks and the associated long-term complications.

“Patients today demand solutions without any compromises. Technology in implantology now enables us to offer more innovative, gentle, and durable solutions. With technologies such as small-as-possible abutment screws for screw-retained implant restorations, along with rapid fabrication of provisional solutions that sit perfectly, this lack of compromise is certainly possible,” Dr. Hürzeler concludes.

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