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Jul/Aug 2017
Volume 38, Issue 7

nSequence®: Where Experience Meets Technology

As an oral surgeon, Michael Pikos, DDS, has seen firsthand how incorporating a digital workflow allows the clinician to pre-plan and customize treatment for each patient. By utilizing nSequence®, a full-service digital and conventional dental laboratory that specializes in CT guided surgery and guided prosthetics from National Dentex (NDX), Dr. Pikos provides his patients with improved satisfaction, along with a faster and more efficient workflow.

“There’s no guesswork with nSequence. Everything is digitally planned in advance. For surgeons, it makes placing implants and taking care of bone reduction and tissue flaps much easier and more controlled,” Pikos says. “For the restorative dentist, nSequence minimizes the number of appointments versus conversion protocols, and facilitates the proper information flow for pre-planning with the data that is uploaded prior to pre-planning a case.”

nSequence fabricates products for dental esthetics and oral and maxillofacial surgery, and provides dental professionals with cutting-edge technology, such as the nSequence Guided Surgery Kit, for immediate loading of the full arches that includes: advanced custom surgical guides, anatomical models, and implant planning services. The technology and products are complemented by the organization’s 15+ years of experience in prosthetic planning and guided surgeries.

A key component of the nSequence workflow is the ability to provide patient-specific planning and treatment through facially-driven planning software. The surgical plan and prosthetic restoration simulation is reviewed via a live collaborative online meeting and is then transferred to the patient using advanced anatomical models and surgical guides. “There will always be variability when dealing with a patient’s anatomy at time of surgery, but with pre-planning made possible due to technology like Maven Pro, there is very little difficulty in identifying where to place the implants. In essence, you are provided with a map that facilitates optimal implant placement,” Pikos says.

The customized tools, comprehensive kit, and precise advance planning are what make the nSequence workflow stand out among other guided surgery systems. “Other systems provide parts and pieces but not everything in a comprehensive kit. The nSequence qreport with step-by-step instructions and stackable guides. Everything is organized in a manner that makes it easier for me to treat our patients,” Pikos says.

Being able to provide predictable, efficient care is essential to implant success. “Patients who have lost their ability to smile or who are facing the loss of their natural dentition are looking for a quick way to regain the function, feel, and esthetics of teeth,” Pikos says. “They don’t want many appointments, or a restoration that hasn’t been customized for them. They also don’t want to be in the chair for corrections to be made because the restoration doesn’t fit properly due to issues in the pre-planning stages.” With the nSequence protocol, the patient has the benefit of a case fully planned in advance, resulting in fewer appointments overall.

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