January 2017
Volume 38, Issue 1

Gemini™ 810+980: Dentistry’s Only Dual-Wavelength Soft-Tissue Diode Laser

Michael A. Miyasaki, DDS, introduced lasers into his general family dental-care practice located in Sacramento, California, more than 20 years ago and is glad he did. He prides himself on taking a minimally invasive approach to optimize the health of his patients while integrating cutting-edge technology. Ultradent’s Gemini™ 810+980 Soft Tissue Laser, the first dual-wavelength soft-tissue diode laser available in the United States, gives him the ability to deliver the best results.

“Using a soft-tissue laser like the Gemini is safe and easy. Oftentimes, clinicians new to lasers worry about damaging the bone and tooth. But this doesn’t happen with soft-tissue lasers when used properly. I use the Gemini every day for gingival recontouring, troughing instead of packing cord, frenectomies, implant uncovering, and so much more, making my day easier, which is priceless,” Miyasaki says.

The Gemini laser has features putting it above the rest with its sleek, transparent electroluminescent display, simple user interface offering 19 preset procedures, Bluetooth wireless foot pedal, autoclavable handpiece with single-use bendable tips, training, and dedicated customer support, which all contribute to making the Gemini easy to utilize.

The unique dual-wavelength technology combines the 810-nm wavelength optimally absorbed by melanin and hemoglobin with the 980-nm wavelength optimized for absorption by water. “There has been bit of a debate amongst soft-tissue dental laser users, regarding the 810-nm wavelength being better at coagulation and the 980-nm wavelength being better at tissue ablation and how significant this is. This has often been what has prevented new users from utilizing a laser not knowing which wavelength to use. But now with the Gemini you can use either or use them combined. Gemini has both wavelengths available in one affordable unit,” Miyasaki added.

Speaking about his favorite feature, Miyasaki says, “The outstanding feature of the Gemini is the peak super-pulsed power of 20 watts, which is very high for a soft-tissue laser. Having 20 watts of peak super-pulse power allows the Gemini to provide faster and smoother tissue ablation. If we want the laser to deliver 2 watts of average power output, the laser only needs to fire 10% of the time, meaning it is off 90% of the time. The duration—measured in milliseconds—that the laser is off allows the tissue to cool, making it more comfortable for the patient.

“Histologically, we are finding we achieve a cleaner cut from the ablation with a lot less collateral thermal damage, and this makes the results more predictable for the clinician. Put together, this all affords me smoother, faster ablation with a comfortable patient and a more predictable result.”

Another feature not seen in most other soft-tissue lasers is the illuminated tip, which provides great visibility at the surgical site. Miyasaki points out, “See better, do better. And it is very beneficial for hygienists working on periodontal procedures and who may not have loupes with lights.”

Miyasaki adds, “The Gemini is an amazing laser, and I have found that using light and gentle pressure allows the energy to do the ablation layers at a time more effectively than other lasers, minimizing the creation of tissue tags. The tissue tags seen with many other lasers makes it much more difficult to read an impression’s margins whether done digitally or with an impression material.”

Miyasaki closed with this: “Again, the primary reason we use the Gemini laser is that I feel it is better for our patients. They will enjoy less discomfort and less bleeding. And it helps us do our dentistry more efficiently and effectively for better results, easily making this a good investment. The Gemini is one-of-a-kind.”

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