January 2017
Volume 38, Issue 1

BIOLASE Laser Solutions Can Help Solve Practice

Challenges, Beyond Expectation

Samuel Low, DDS, MS, MEd, has seen a myriad of lasers in his 30 years of private practice experience. As an educator, researcher, and now the Vice President of Dental and Clinical Affairs & Chief Dental Officer at BIOLASE, Low is a key opinion leader and expert regarding lasers use in dentistry. BIOLASE offers two game-changing lasers: Waterlase iPlus™ and the new Epic Pro™.

“BIOLASE’s all-tissue laser, the Waterlase iPlus, will change the way you practice dentistry as it targets everything in the mouth—both the soft and hard tissues,” Low says. “From a soft-tissue standpoint, you could use this for frenectomies to periodontal procedures. From a hard-tissue perspective, pediatric dentists can use the Waterlase iPlus on deciduous teeth, and the restorative dentist can use it for class I to class VI restorations. From a periodontal standpoint, it can be used to help manage anything that deals with bony structures and it can aid in debriding roots and removing calculus from teeth, among other things. Overall, this laser is extremely versatile.”

It is an ideal chairside companion for most clinical cases with over 50 clinical presets for select-and-go treatment. Waterlase iPlus has more clearances and indications than any other dental laser; as your clinical skills grow, the number and type of procedures you will perform grow with you.

“You do not need to be a laser scientist to start changing dentistry in your practice with Waterlase iPlus,” Low says. “We have invested in the development of industry-best step-by-step clinical animations to assist in easing the learning curve, and these animations also make wonderful patient-education videos. Rejuvenate and move your practice into the 21st century, all while generating a healthy return on investment.”

Waterlase iPlus is the world’s most trusted all-tissue laser. It has an intuitive graphic user interface, the lightest, most flexible trunk fiber design, and exclusive illuminated contra-angle handpieces.

Low emphasizes, “These unique features make the Waterlase iPlus simple to use and provides clinicians the versatility, flexibility, and access needed to easily solve clinical challenges beyond expectation.”

The versatile and gentle combination of laser energy and water has the power to relieve dental anxiety at the source as well—not only for you but for the patients you serve.

When it comes to selecting a diode laser, choose the one that stands above the rest. The Epic Pro offers the most laser power of any diode laser in dentistry and has several new innovations that are industry firsts: a new super-pulse technology for more precise, enhanced laser tissue cutting, real-time automatic power control to enhance speed and consistency when performing surgery with pre-programed tip temperature, and pre-initiated, bendable, disposable tips with new smart-tip technology to ensure maximum performance and quality.

“What makes Epic Pro unlike any other diode laser in the world is that the temperature of the laser on the tissue is fed back to the machine, which then adjusts the power at the tip to ensure that the temperature stays incredibly consistent. This means that tip moves through the tissue fast, clean, deep, and with no burning or charring,” Low adds.

Not all diode lasers are created equal; Epic Pro provides truly unique features that provide unmatched cutting speed, consistency, and precision. Epic Pro helps redefine how you manage soft tissue with a diode laser.

“Dentists today want their lasers to work quickly and cleanly and that they help them do procedures that they can market. With these lasers, the results of their procedures are going to have incredibly fast wound healing with minimal discomfort for the patients. These two products from BIOLASE are game-changers in laser dentistry,” affirms Low.


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