Nov/Dec 2016
Volume 37, Issue 11

CeraResin Bond: Versatile for Many Indications

Picture a scenario with an anxious patient who checks in to a dental practice on a Friday evening holding a piece of fractured ceramics in her hand. The broken-off crown and exposed abutment in anterior maxilla justify the need for this emergency visit. Utilizing CeraResin Bond®, a clinician can quickly and efficiently repair the damaged crown or bridge without the need for replacement. In a different situation, a dental assistant can employ CeraResin Bond to adhere a composite resin attachment to a zirconia crown during an Invisalign treatment. Yet, in another setting, a laboratory technician can also use CeraResin Bond on a variety of crown-and-bridge and denture materials before he or she starts the characterization process with a direct or indirect composite material.

“Here are 3 different scenarios in 2 distinct settings with 1 adhesive that can perform these procedures in an efficient and effective manner,” says Lynne Calliott, vice president of marketing at Shofu Dental Corporation. “What makes CeraResin Bond effective is the universality of the material and the simplicity of the bonding procedure. This adhesive system is extremely versatile and can be successfully utilized in both a dental operatory and laboratory in a broad assortment of clinical applications.”

Calliott underlines the importance of providing dental practitioners and laboratory technicians with a bonding system they can trust. In dentistry, adhesives are used for various clinical applications. With the exception of glass ionomer, all direct composite resin restorations require some bonding. Similarly, indirect resin inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, and veneers also necessitate the application of an adhesive in conjunction with a resin luting cement. Achieving a reliable intraoral repair of fractured restorations is dependent on a host of factors. An adhesive system is just a single, yet vital, component in this equation.

CeraResin Bond can be used with porcelain, many metals and alloys, zirconia, lithium disilicate, and all resin and composite materials. “Many clinicians do not have much long-term success repairing ceramics or porcelain chairside and, therefore, tend to prefer to replace them. However, with reliable bonding results and no loss of the repaired restoration, CeraResin Bond can be utilized to modify challenging restorations quickly and efficiently. This adhesive can also be successfully employed for chairside procedures involving a conservative addition or reduction of gingiva, masking of provisional restorations, exposed implant abutments, and fractured full or partial dentures,” asserts Calliott.

Not only does CeraResin Bond have versatile applications, it is also moisture and stain resistant. Calliott adds, “What’s also important is that this adhesive system is very stable with a 3-year shelf life.”

CeraResin Bond comes in a kit composed of a 6-mL bottle of CeraResin Bond 1 (contains silane), a 5-mL bottle of CeraResin Bond 2 (contains adhesion-promoting monomers), and accessories such as brushes and disposable dishes.

The process for application is simple and quick. Calliott explains, “Beginning with a clean field, CeraResin Bond 1 is painted on a surface and allowed to dry for 10 seconds. Then, CeraResin Bond 2 is painted on the same area, allowed to dry for another 10 seconds, then light cured for 20 seconds. For restorative procedures involving exposed porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns or zirconia structures, first priming a surface with a metal or zirconia primer, respectively, is recommended,” she says.

When selecting a stable material, predictability and reliability are the primary attributes that clinicians and laboratory technicians seek. “This material has versatile applications and, except for zirconia and metal, it does not require the use of a primer to create predictable, reliable, and long-lasting bond,” Calliott concludes. “CeraResin Bond has really become the go-to adhesive solution for every direct and indirect procedure.”

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