September 2016
Volume 37, Issue 8

Anutra: Transforming the Way Local Anesthetics Are Buffered and Delivered

Throughout the course of a dental career, a clinician will find many new and innovative products that contribute to providing a higher level of patient care. “However, on a rare occasion, a product changes the way we do dentistry, and Anutra’s Local Anesthetic Delivery System is that exceptional product,” says John Krasowski, DDS, a private practitioner in Wausau, Wisconsin, and President of the International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics.

Buffered anesthetics have been administered in the medical community for many decades, and incorporating a buffered anesthetic system in the dental office benefits both the clinical and practice-management sides.

On the clinical side, Anutra offers benefits in several key areas. The buffered anesthetic is dispensed from the Anutra Dispenser and takes less than 10 seconds to be ready for delivery to the patient. “Sterilizing is not necessary due to the disposable syringe is prepackaged and comes with the correct gauged needles needed for any dental procedure,” Krasowski adds.

Nobody likes to sit alone in the chair, treatment-room dental chair, and wait through the initial stinging sensation as the anesthetic starts to work. With the Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System, patients usually become numb in less than 2 minutes. By taking advantage of the CO2 microbubble as a topical anesthetic, practitioners can place a few drops on the mucosa, then proceed with the injection. Many patients claim they don’t even feel the needle go in, Krasowski says.

“It has become a personal goal within the practice that our patients say they ‘never felt a thing.’ This is the result of the buffering allowing immediate uptake of the anesthetic across the nerve membrane, providing profound, almost immediate sensation of numbness, which allows me to start procedures even sooner,” asserts Krasowksi.

“As a small-business owner and private practitioner, I feel it is very important to be on the cutting edge of technology and science, and I am humbled that clients choose me to provide their dental care. I feel I owe it to my clients to continuously expand my knowledge and bring a special level of care to my community. Buffered anesthetic from the Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System has allowed me to do just that, as their comfort is my utmost priority.

“On the practice-management side of implementing Anutra—and what I believe is the most impactful attribute—is the time it has saved my practice. Any dental practice only has so much time to complete a given number of billable procedures in each day. The time-savings of Anutra’s system cannot be underestimated—saving my practice hours, not mere minutes, and allowing for more procedures to be done on a given day.”

As a general dentist who provides dental implant services, Krasowski understands the importance of researching the nuances in providing these higher-level treatments. “The goal is to stack as much knowledge into diagnosis and treatment techniques as possible,” he explains. “There is significant research that suggests that the placement of bone grafts and dental implants may be best postponed a few days after tooth removal or when dealing with infections, due to the body’s natural inflammatory processes and the possibility of a slightly acidic environment being detrimental to ideal outcomes. The use of buffered anesthetic such as the system Anutra offers is a common-sense solution to a potential risk factor.”

The effect of an acidic solution is not good for an implant surface or the receptor site. “Anutra’s Local Anesthetic Delivery System offers a benefit to the surgical site and future success of treatment,” Krasowski says. “I like to stack as many benefits to an outcome as possible and Anutra does just that for my clients and me.”

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