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March 2016
Volume 37, Issue 3

Same-Day Dentistry With Planmeca FIT System Increases Proficiency, Impresses Patients

Digital impressions and same-day crowns have saved patients from having to make multiple trips into town to visit Barrie Matthews, DMD, a general practicing doctor who implemented the E4D digital dentistry system into his practice 5 years ago. His flagship practice is located in Miles City, Montana, a small town in the eastern part of the state, firm in farming and ranching. As one of only about 15 practices within an approximate 300-mile radius, Matthews sees patients from all around the area. He opened a second practice earlier this year in Sidney, Montana, about 140 miles away.

“Living in a rural area, many of my patients travel hours both ways for dental appointments,” he says.

The benefit of same-day dentistry has impressed his patients and has increased their level of satisfaction. “It has allowed us to be a proficient practice that not only values patients’ time but is convenient, which is especially important in this day and age,” he remarks. “Once they hear me say ‘same-day’ technology that offers great, predictable results, they are sold.”

The value of this service is especially evident when the practice sees increases in patient referrals. While the practice advertises and has a large social network presence, “the best way to get busy fast is to treat every single patient really well, but it starts with your team,” Matthews notes. “I really empower my team and challenge them to really know the technology and think outside the box.” He emphasizes that his team makes themselves available to their patients as best as they can to see them as quickly as possible.

While each type of restoration that is treatment planned is selected on a case-by-case basis, Matthews’ go-to restorative treatment, when applicable, is with the Planmeca FIT System. This, he says, is because of the durable crowns and accurate margins it produces, its esthetic customization options, and the affordability to patients—which, he insists, are all keys to making patients happy.

The Planmeca FIT System has given Matthews’ practice the capabilities to truly customize beautiful, perfectly fitting restorations that will last many years, he says. “The technology is truly amazing. We have patients that love to watch our certified designers create and design their crowns. Patients love feeling like they are a part of the process, which ultimately helps us build a stronger relationship between our team and family of patients,” he explains. “Not only does this exceed their expectations, but they understand that we value their time by providing same-day crowns.”

The FIT system features the PlanScan Scanner®, which precisely captures the oral environment. Each scanner comes with three removable tips, power cable, and scanner cradle. Planmeca PlanCAD® offers clinicians intuitive design tools and a wide range of applications. The PlanCAD design center includes scanning software, design software, a mouse, and a laptop PC. Additionally, Planmeca PlanMill 40® enables same-day crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges, and veneers to be conveniently fabricated, with wireless connectivity and easy touchscreen operation.

Another key aspect to investing in this technology, Matthews says, is that the Planmeca FIT System has allowed his practice to be more proficient at providing the best dentistry possible. “This point gets overlooked by doctors who are considering implementing technology into their practice; it provides a major return on investment,” he says. Matthews points out that Planmeca University offers an assortment of courses that range from beginner to advanced levels for providers and assistants.

“The education provided is remarkable, and while I am very confident in my CAD/CAM technique, it is great to hear all of the various tips and tricks from peers when going back for more courses. The more immersed you are with the technology, the more proficient you become,” Matthews says.

As for the future of digital impressioning, Matthews expects that scanning will continue to get even easier and further increase in quality, while milling times will decrease as the software keeps advancing. As he establishes his second location, he is excited for the endless opportunities that Planmeca Romexis® provides in not only being able to quickly share information between locations, but also seamlessly integrate new technology as he continues to incorporate the best treatment modalities into his practice.

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