Nov/Dec 2015
Volume 36, Issue 10

CS 9300C System Provides Complete Picture to Multidisciplinary Practice

When he purchased a digital sensor more than 8 years ago for his San Antonio, Texas, private practice, David A. Little, DDS, recalls the pushback he received from his staff after initially “flipping the switch from analog to digital.” Since then, he says, the entire dental team is firmly onboard due to the many advantages of the digital workflow.

“Digital technology enhances nearly everything—the patient experience, our diagnostic ability, and the efficiency and productivity of the entire office,” says Little, who offers his patients the benefits of a multidisciplinary practice through his association with a handpicked group of trusted specialists with whom he shares an office building.

After a long and successful stint using Carestream Dental’s CS 9000 3D extraoral imaging system, which combines 2-dimensional (2-D) digital panoramic imaging and 3-dimensional (3-D) cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) capabilities, Little decided to upgrade to the company’s CS 9300C system. Reflecting the evolution of diagnostic technology and featuring cephalometric imaging, the new system, he notes, is able to provide scans of both upper and lower arches with a single shot.

Little finds the dual 2-D–3-D system indispensible to his practice, including when working with the specialists with whom he is affiliated. “I can manipulate the 2-D image, making the picture larger, adding contrast, and examining every detail. But when I turn that 2-D image into a 3-D image, it opens a whole new world of information.” The software, he adds, also enables him to mark anatomy that should be avoided and view and highlight specific areas of interest.

This technology, Little maintains, is not just for implantology; it helps in all areas of his practice and in collaborating with his specialist colleagues. “For example, when the orthodontist and I work together on cases involving impacted teeth, it helps with treatment planning to know if they are facially or lingually inclined,” he says.

Little points out that the cephalometric x-ray unit—which features both a small and large head to accommodate different views—in particular enhances diagnostic ability, especially in complicated cases. The smaller image, he says, is exceptionally useful in identifying a cause of pain that is difficult to locate. “Often, when the source of the pain does not show up on x-rays, the CBCT will usually reveal the problem—for example, an extra canal, fracture, or abscess.”

The technology, he continues, also can help the doctor determine whether it’s “worth it” to retreat a root canal or proceed in a different direction. “As much as we like saving teeth, it is not always possible. Determining the best course of action provides an enhanced patient experience,” he says.

In selecting the CS 9300C, Little took into account not just his own needs but the needs of all the members of his practice group, which includes an oral surgeon, periodontist, orthodontist, and a general practitioner whose practice is restricted to root canals.

He says his choice of the CS 9300C was also heavily influenced by the reputation and longevity of, and customer service provided by, Carestream Dental. “When I consider any investment in technology,” he explains, “I want a company that will be around long-term and that offers excellent training and customer support.” Such support, he says, includes a representative who is available to help solve problems and issues. For this reason, he appreciates that in addition to the online support and webinars available at Carestream Dental’s website, he knows there is a person he can call for support at any time.

Little says Carestream Dental also provided his entire staff with the kind of training they needed to quickly put the system into operation, and to, in turn, train a member of each group practice to use the intuitive equipment independently if necessary. “A Carestream Dental trainer came in and went through everything the technology could do with my entire team. They further worked with patients in our practice, so we could gain real-time, real-world experience with every procedure.”

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