October 2015
Volume 36, Issue 10

Cavitron Touch™: Unprecedented Control and Comfort for Patient and Hygienist

Gail Malone, RDH, BS, who is the Senior Manager of the Clinical Education team for DENTSPLY Professional, says that since DENTSPLY introduced the first Cavitron® unit in 1957, ultrasonic scaling has emerged as an important hygiene tool. “In general, ultrasonic scalers provide an efficient and effective way to remove calculus and plaque biofilms during routine prophylaxis procedures and periodontal therapy to maintain healthy tissues or to treat gingivitis and other periodontal diseases. Combined with an effective patient self-care, these measures support improved patient oral health,” she says.

Malone notes the many innovations that have occurred in both the technology and the insert tip design since the introduction of that first model more than 50 years ago, and observes that the latest Cavitron Ultrasonic inserts and scaling systems work together for an optimized performance. For example, she describes special features that contribute to patient safety and comfort, as well as in an improved ability of the hygienist to use the technology to maximum advantage. “Cavitron Ultrasonic Scaling Systems provide the added features of an extended low-power Blue Zone, which is designed for improved patient comfort, and a detachable and autoclavable handpiece to reduce cross-contamination for enhanced infection prevention,” she maintains. “The wide array of Cavitron ultrasonic insert designs provides the clinician with multiple options for adaption and access to all areas of the oral cavity,” she explains. “The slimLINE series of inserts is designed for removal of light to moderate deposits. With multiple tip designs to choose from, these inserts provide improved sub-gingival access and allow for adaptation to the root anatomy.” The PowerLINE series of inserts is specifically designed for the efficient removal of heavy deposits, she adds.

Malone remarks that Cavitron Ultrasonic systems address issues related to the comfort and health of dental health professionals. “Musculoskelatal disorders have long been cited as reasons for early retirement among dental health professionals. Ergonomic considerations may contribute to a more comfortable work experience for the dental hygiene clinician,” she asserts. “The newly introduced Cavitron Touch Ultrasonic Scaling System offers unprecedented comfort and control throughout every procedure. It offers an ergonomic design with lightweight cable and a fully rotating Steri-Mate® 360 handpiece that allows free-flowing movement and access within the oral cavity, as well as an innovative touch-screen interface."

Malone considers focusing on risk assessment and the disruption/management of dental biofilms as positive steps toward prevention. Mature plaque biofilms, she explains, release a variety of biologically active products including endotoxins, cytokines, and other toxins that initiate the inflammatory response, which can lead to the destruction of the periodontal tissue. "Prophylaxis and periodontal treatment support not only oral health but also overall health by reducing inflammation, which is now known to play a role in chronic diseases," she says. Stressing that patients at high risk for elevated systemic inflammation require more frequent and aggressive treatment, she says, “Individuals respond differently to periodontal inflammation, systemic inflammatory burden, and anti-inflammatory therapies because of genetics, enviornment, and lifestyle choices.”

Hopeful for dental disease prevention in the future, Malone’s “laundry list” includes “new methods of disease detection in the subclinical phase prior to the appearance of clinical signs; innovation in diagnostic tools; greater emphasis on risk assessment and the correlation of dental health to overall health; and vaccines for prevention of dental caries.”

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