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May 2015
Volume 36, Issue 5

Flowable BioRoot™ RCS Predictably Seals Canals, Prevents Leakage

Clifton, NJ, endodontist, Lawrence J. Sheer, DDS, says, like most of his colleagues, he has a drawer full of products that failed to deliver on promises. He says many practitioners are enticed into purchasing items based on claims such as offering the ability to perform a 10-minute root canal.

As a result, he jokes, he spends so much time handling failed cases, he often refers to himself as a “retreatodontist.”

Sheer says he depends on products he can trust, such as Septodont’s Biodentine® bioactive dentin substitute and the company’s new BioRoot™ RCS mineral-based root canal sealer. “Septodont consistently offers good products. They are my ‘go-to’ products, particularly for a difficult case that has previously been treated, which is becoming more and more part of what I do.”

Sheer considers the very idea of a 10-minute root canal extreme and insists that far more important than quickly implementing the procedure are the initial steps such as assessing the problem to determine how to proceed or even whether a root canal is the solution. “You have to figure out what’s been done, what the problem is, and what the predictability is.”

Predictability, he says, is what’s most crucial, especially given the many modalities and options available today. “With today’s technology, we can visualize teeth in three dimensions, examine problems with the microscope, and use ultrasonic technology and nickel-titanium files to go places we never could before.”

However, when a root canal is indicated, Sheer says, “You need products that can consistently help you achieve a predictable result. So it comes down to case selection and the experience to know what works.”

And what works for him is taking the time—nearly always more than 10 minutes, he points out—to analyze the anatomy of the tooth, physically clean out the canals to remove all of the pathogens, successfully irrigate and debride the canals, and create a “glide path to predictably seal the apex so there is no leakage.”

Sheer now uses Septodont’s BioRoot™ RCS to permanently seal the treated canals. This bioactive hydrophilic material is made from pure calcium silicate and offers outstanding adhesion to dentin and gutta-percha points. It continues the sealing process in the presence of moisture.

“When you perform a root canal, the whole idea is to achieve a hermetic seal of the apex; you can’t leave any voids.” BioRoot RCS, Sheer notes, offers ease of placement and adaptation to the defect, which is especially important when he needs the material to flow into an area that curves. As a result, he says, he is confident of the apical seal.

“I like that I can change the setting times and mix it to the viscosity I need. Using this material, every patient gets the same result, which further raises my rate of success,” he says.

BioRoot RCS utilizes Active Biosilicate Technology—the product’s pure mineral formulation will not stain teeth, postoperative sensitivity is eliminated, and because it is resin-free and monomer-free there is zero shrinkage. It is also eugenol-free, so it is compatible with all bonding systems.

Sheer was already a longtime user of Biodentine, which he says has been a “game-changer” in his practice because he can use it for multiple applications. “It’s my ‘go-to’ material for apexogenesis, or if there’s a lateral perforation, I can seal it with this material knowing full well it won’t migrate away from the repair site and it will have a high degree of predictability and positive outcomes.”

Sheer says these Septodont products are doubly economical for him due both to their price and versatility, but insists cost is far less important to him than performance. “The bottom line is, I’ve been doing this for enough years that it doesn’t matter to me how much something costs; if it works, it’s worth every penny. As dentists, we are measured by our success, and I find that both of these materials are exceptional products that have enabled me to achieve excellent results.”

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