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April 2015
Volume 36, Issue 4

Zest Anchors’ CHAIRSIDE™ Denture Prep & Polish Kit Smoothes Overdenture Preparation

Zest Anchors’ CHAIRSIDE™ Denture Prep & Polish Kit has made the process of overdenture preparation decidedly smoother for Michael D. Scherer, DMD, MS, FACP, a prosthodontist, who maintains a private practice in Sonora, California.

The comprehensive kit made by the maker of the original Zest Anchors LOCATOR® Abutment consists of recess, trim, undercut, grind, and vent burs, as well as a polisher, all of which are designed to address the most frequent overdenture preparation requirements.

Scherer, who says he has long used other products from Zest Anchors because of their quality, notes that the LOCATOR® Attachment System, including Attachment Housings (Denture Caps) and nylon male inserts, self align and make it possible to easily snap a denture in place without common discomforts such as sore gums caused by improper seating.

Although the company could have introduced its new CHAIRSIDE™ burs as a niche product to be added to an existing bur block, a preparation and polish kit specifically for denture attachments was something new, Scherer says. “I’ve been doing implant overdentures for years, and you’re always looking for that golden instrument that’s going to help you make existing procedures simpler and faster,” he explains. “While there are other bur block systems, Zest Anchors created something clinicians didn’t realize they needed. The Prep & Polish Kit is truly remarkable.”

He describes the appearance of the typical large bur block with dozens of different burs, compared to the Prep & Polish kit. “Clinicians will typically use a giant bur block with dozens of different burs—and may use 10 or more to create a hole that is several times the size it needs to be. The kit Zest Anchors has put together allows clinicians to use just a few select burs to create the perfect recess holes for LOCATOR®, SATURNO®, and other stud-style abutments.”

What’s more, he says, even patients are impressed by the kit’s sleek design—especially compared to the typical menacing-looking bur block. “While dentists may care more about function than form, a patient, however, walks in and notices this shiny, silver, very professional and modern-looking object and sees the dentist as being one who is up to date and very organized.”

Describing the process he uses, Scherer finds that the kit greatly simplifies the overdenture seating process. However, he says, for him, the two burs that “really jump out” are the CHAIRSIDE™ Recess Bur and Vent Hole Bur found at the top of the block. “These innovative burs help start the process by easily creating a perfectly sized recess within the denture and a vent hole through the lingual or palatal slopes. Finishing with the Undercut Bur helps create a groove into which the material locks into place. Trimming and polishing are swiftly completed by using the Grind, Trim and Polishing Burs, located at the bottom of the bur block.”

Dr. Scherer, who had already been using CHAIRSIDE™ products, was eager to try out the kit based on his experience with the quality of the products provided in the overdenture attachment niche of the marketplace. He says he was also impressed with the company itself, which has grown enormously since 1972, when Max Zuest developed the company’s original Zest® Anchor Attachment.

“As big as it is now, Zest Anchors still maintains a family values type of environment. When you pick up the phone and call, you don’t get prompts or sent to a call center; you get a live person prepared to offer solutions,” Scherer says.

He adds that the company also provides an entire range of solutions that enable him to successfully meet the needs of his overdenture patients. “Not only do I know Zest Anchors and their products, but my patients also know them. Zest continues to innovate and develop solutions that will continue to improve my patient treatment.”

He concludes: “The CHAIRSIDE™ Denture Prep & Polish Kit is a great addition to the dentist’s armamentarium. Anything designed for the dentist to make a procedure easier and faster to complete is ultimately designed for the patient as well. And that makes everyone happy.”

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