January 2015
Volume 36, Issue 1

BIOLASE: Providing Clinicians a Solutions-Based Approach to Dental Lasers

For too long, dental lasers have been overlooked as a solution to the common challenges faced by dental offices, observes John Bernhard, senior product manager for dental lasers at BIOLASE, Inc. And he understands why. “When laser technology was introduced into the dental field 25 years ago, there was a lot of confusion about clinical parameters, optimal treatment, and benefits,” he explains.

“Today, BIOLASE offers solutions for clinicians that translate into optimized patient outcomes and new revenue for the practice. The clinical implications and benefits of both the all-tissue WaterLase® iPlus and soft-tissue EPIC™ X bring real advantages for the patients, the practice, and the clinician.” Bernhard says.

“Recently, I had the opportunity to shadow a clinician using the WaterLase iPlus to perform a lingual frenectomy on a 4-year-old who couldn’t pronounce certain words properly. The procedure was quick and bloodless due to the hemostatic properties of the WaterLase iPlus. After the procedure, his mom wept with excitement that her son could now speak and thanked us,” Bernhard recounts. “This is not uncommon; in fact, there is significant potential for a doctor to positively impact the dental experience with a minimally invasive approach. Patients simply prefer more gentle care. By incorporating the WaterLase iPlus and the EPIC X, doctors can give patients a better experience.”

Clinicians often ask BIOLASE, “How do I select the right laser for my office?,” Bernhard remarks. There are three key steps, he says, when thinking about integrating dental laser technology into a practice: 1) identify the problem you have, or what you want to accomplish; 2) select the right solution for your problem or goal; 3) receive training for you and your staff.

The most common challenge in seeing dental lasers as a solution, he suggests, lies in the need for training. “BIOLASE is deeply committed to helping our clinicians succeed. We have the most training available in the industry, including both live and online training to make it as convenient as possible,” Bernhard comments.

In addition, the focus on defined clinical protocols, such as REPaiR for treating periodontal disease, means dentists can now do more in their practice. Attracting new patients is an added benefit, Bernhard says. “We know that the majority of dental patients find new doctors by asking family, friends, and co-workers for a referral. Making the dental experience more comfortable, less stressful, and less painful for patients means they are more likely to refer you to their friends.”

A key differentiator of the EPIC X, which launched at the Greater New York Dental Meeting in 2014, is the Reliability Assurance Program included in each package. “The Reliability Assurance Program recognizes how important prompt treatment is to a clinician’s patients. It represents a promise to our customers that their office will never be without their EPIC X for more than 24 hours, regardless of the reason,” Bernhard explains. “The motto for the EPIC X, ‘Delight Your Patients, Faster,’ embodies the connection between the patient experience and the need for efficiency in today’s modern practice.”

The focus of BIOLASE, which recently brought onboard new CEO Jeffrey Nugent, is simple, Bernhard asserts—“do what is right for our customers.” The company’s three key pillars are: exceptional customer care, quality in everything it does, and disciplined innovation. These, Bernhard says, serve as the foundation for the new BIOLASE. “Our customer-centric approach is embodied in the new customer connection team dedicated to customer advocacy,” he says. “In addition, we have a dedicated field service team to ensure our clinicians are fully supported in-office. It is an exciting time to be part of the global leader in lasers as we continue to offer real solutions to today’s dental challenges.”

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