Nov/Dec 2014
Volume 35, Issue 10

Let’s Get Technical

Digital workflow. Open platforms. Plug-and-play scanning. 3-D design. By now, if you are a dentist practicing in the 21st century, you’ve come to realize that these are terms that are increasingly becoming a part of the everyday vernacular. As technology continues to influence the practice of dentistry, the old, low-tech notion of “drill and fill” is swiftly falling by the wayside. And for good reason—technical innovations are enabling practitioners to treat patients with less pain and discomfort and better accuracy, in less time, with superb results.

This special annual technology issue of Compendium is dedicated to advances that are helping dentists provide improved treatment to their patients. In our first CE article, contemporary CAD/CAM dentistry is examined, for both chairside and laboratory-based solutions. The article reviews recent developments in CAD/CAM along with current and future clinical applications. Importantly, it discusses the integration of digital technology into a dental practice. Our other CE focuses on the use of cone-beam CT—a tool, the author suggests, that not only affords clinicians the ability to offer patients restoratively driven implant placement but also to perform more common diagnostic tasks.

In a case report highlighting 3-D planning and guided implant surgery in the esthetic zone, the author describes a digital workflow that not only streamlines technique but also provides greater accuracy. Additionally, the new workflow allows for alterations of an existing plan if needed, such as removing teeth on the cast before they are actually extracted.

Other key topics covered in this issue include dental lasers, imaging systems, the need for training when integrating new technology, and more. Our hope is that the material presented will stimulate clinicians to consider a comprehensive plan for successful implementation of new technology to better treat their patients. With proper training and a willingness to learn, you can advance your practice to the next level.

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Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD

Scott D. Benjamin, DDS
Technology Section Editor
Guest Editor

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