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September 2014
Volume 35, Issue 8

DENTSPLY Implants: “One-Stop Shop” for All Phases of Implant Therapy

The so-called implant revolution has been spurred on by many developments, including implant-to-abutment interface design, implant surface treatment, abutment design, and the incorporation of digital technology that has helped to expand the indications for implant-supported restorations, maintains Scott A. Root, President, DENTSPLY Implants North America. “These developments have helped to impact clinical treatment and support the possibility of immediate load, immediate placement in extraction sites, and better long-term results while simplifying the treatment process, which benefits both the dental professional and the patient,” he asserts.

In addition to digital technology in general, Root points specifically to CAD/CAM, or what he terms “patient-specific” solutions, as having positive effects on the implant market by allowing for the optimization of treatment for each individual patient. “In today’s world, technology enhances the ability to provide a personalized approach to patient care and helps to support communication and collaboration among treatment team members, which is a critical aspect of dental implant therapy,” he says.

Leveraging technology, he adds, helps in visualizing the clinical situation and treatment planning. “Products designed specifically to accommodate a patient’s particular anatomical and clinical situation are also able to provide improved function and esthetics over time.”

DENTSPLY Implants, Root stresses, holds itself to a high standard within the industry in its commitment to producing products that are backed by extensive science, research, and clinical documentation. “Mostly all of our products are put through several years of development and verification before they are even introduced to the market. This is important to us as a company, because our products and their performance can have a direct impact on the long-term outcome for the patient,” he says.

Root also describes DENTSPLY Im­plants as a company that further sets itself apart from its competition by virtues of the comprehensiveness of its product and service solutions for all phases of implant therapy. “We are truly able to provide the convenience of a one-stop shop for all implant needs.” This, he says, encompasses: initial digital treatment planning (SIMPLANT®); regenerative preparation of the implant site (SYMBIOS®); options to suit implant and interface design preferences, including an internal conical (ANKYLOS® and ASTRA TECH Implant System™) or internal flat-to-flat implant-to-abutment (XiVE®); and patient-specific restorations (ATLANTIS™).

To advance clinicians’ use of implants in their practices, DENTSPLY Implants offers numerous local, national, and international lecture and hands-on educational opportunities throughout the year, according to Root. “We provide these both through our own initiatives and in conjunction with leading universities and training centers throughout the world. We also provide marketing collateral that can be used in the practice to raise patient awareness and understanding of the benefits of implant treatment.” Beyond that, he adds, the company supports surgical customers in the development of their referral network and provides co-marketing services to its laboratory customers.

Root says the industry can expect DENTSPLY Implants to continue to meet the highest standards of quality in the products and services it offers. “With the continued development in patient awareness of the benefit of implants and the growing incorporation of implants as treatment for missing teeth, the potential for continued growth and future opportunities for implant dentistry is tremendous. This is further supported by technologies that help simplify procedures, reduce treatment time, and deliver outcomes that better meet patients’ expectations for esthetics and function,” he concludes.

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