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Nov/Dec 2013
Volume 34, Issue 10

LSK121: Focusing on Excellence and Leadership in Materials and Service

According to owner Luke S. Kahng, CDT, what sets LSK121 Oral Prosthetics apart from other full-service dental laboratories is the leadership role the company takes in its determination to surpass expectations. Kahng, who has been a dental technician for more than 20 years, says he feels an obligation to educate his client dentists about new methods and materials that can enable them to offer their patients natural-looking restorations that are better esthetically and last longer than in the past.

“Whether they are looking for an esthetic restoration or a hybrid bar, we offer our clients the very best in high-end esthetics at a competitive price,” says Kahng, a Master Ceramist who has written over 100 published articles and three books. He is also the creator of the Seasons of Life Selections, a shade selection system that consists of five groups of porcelain ceramic shade tabs that are hand-made, each with a separate formula that is based on patients’ age and natural dentition.

“At LSK121, we have enough experience to know how to properly plan for a hybrid bar case and can help recommend an All-on-4, All-in-1 hybrid zirconia full-mouth bridge, or All-on-6 prosthesis, based on the needs of the patient’s tissue design, lip support, and hygiene requirements,” Kahng notes. He adds that the company’s technicians receive extensive training in restoration fabrication, especially in the area of implants.

The popular All-on-4 restorations—both removable and implant-supported—are available in both ceramic and acrylic denture teeth, but Kahng makes clear his preference for ceramic where indicated. “Ceramic teeth have a more esthetic, lifelike appearance. They are easier to clean and care for, and offer greater longevity than denture teeth, which are prone to staining,” he says. He adds, however, that the lower-cost denture teeth are the more widely used attachment to the All-on-4 hybrid bar and are kinder to the opposing teeth; they are specifically indicated in cases with bone loss or unhealthy tissue.

Kahng says his laboratory’s recommendations are just part of the assistance his company provides with case diagnosis and planning. Dentists are assigned a technician based on their prescription code numbers, which, he explains, enables them “to receive the best possible quality control and a customized restoration regarding occlusion, tooth morphology, interproximal contact, marginal integrity, and color.” In addition, he says, LSK121 has a licensed prosthodontist, Joseph S. Caruso, DDS, MS, on staff who is available to help with case planning. This enables the laboratory to offer advanced prosthetic options as well as a complete restoration estimate, including full-mouth esthetic restorations with lifelike pink-tissue porcelain.

To help both clinicians and their patients make financial decisions related to their treatment, LSK121 offers integrated implant packages, which are designed to give the clinician a close estimate of the full cost of an implant case, including all the components, screws, abutments, crowns, model work, articulation, and soft tissue.

In keeping with Kahng’s desire to make dentists aware of the methods and materials that will enable them to provide superior patient care, the company offers seminars and live demonstrations for hands-on procedures in its advanced surgical team operatory room. “We also hold implant case planning, cosmetic selection, and full-mouth rehabilitation classes. With Dr. Caruso available, we are able to present both the laboratory and the clinician side of each case in order to achieve the best possible esthetic work,” Kahng states.

The company website ( is a convenient and secure source of information on clients’ cases and account activity. “When clients send in a case, they will be able to verify the date to expect it to be returned to them,” Kahng says. He adds, “There is also a special, new area for calculating estimates, which is especially helpful when planning a full-mouth complex or implant case, or a combination case with fixed or removable prosthetics.”

Following this formula for delivering excellence, the company has been rewarded with steady growth over the years. To prepare for even greater growth, Kahng says, LSK121 plans to improve its ability to handle high-volume and rush cases, and is currently investing in the newest dental laboratory technology.

LSK121 Oral Prosthetics
940 East Diehl Rd
Naperville, IL 60563

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