Nov/Dec 2013
Volume 34, Issue 10

Better Solutions

As technology continues to impact dentistry, clinicians can never lose sight of the fact that the use of technological tools is not just for their own benefit, but patients, too, reap the advantages. In addition to making dentistry more efficient, advances in technology are helping provide patients with greater comfort and more natural-looking, highly durable outcomes.

In this special annual technology issue of Compendium, we have compiled a range of articles discussing some of the hottest topics in dental technology, beginning with an introduction article on overcoming barriers to implementing technologies in a practice. Upon re-examining ROI, many clinicians, the author writes, may find that making the investment in technology makes good economic sense.

We feature three continuing education (CE) articles in this issue. The first covers the use of screening and diagnostic technology, including oral cancer screening, salivary diagnostic testing, and caries detection instruments—all important aides for clinicians who wish to advance wellness in the dental office. In CE2, the authors assess image-guided implant surgery and discuss its intricacies, challenges—and advantages. The third CE article provides an update on new developments in diode laser soft-tissue surgery that are based on current understanding of laser–tissue interactions.

Other technology topics covered in this issue include applications for 3-D imaging, choosing practice management software, the use of CAD/CAM to achieve esthetics, and the Photoshop Smile Design technique—a powerful tool for showing patients the possibilities for an enhanced smile. Finally, our Special Report focuses on laboratory technologies and the benefits they offer, both in communication and restorative results.

More than ever, patients today expect the highest standard of care possible, both functionally and esthetically. New technologies can help the dental team meet those expectations. In addition to reading this special edition of Compendium, visit www.compendiumlive.com to learn more about emerging dental technologies. Thank you again for your support, and please contact us at lrose@aegiscomm.com with any questions, comments, or suggestions.


Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD

Scott D. Benjamin, DDS
Guest Editor

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