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Nov/Dec 2013
Volume 34, Issue 10

DENTSPLY Implants: Maximizing Technology to Provide Comprehensive Implant Solutions

As Craig Rodriguez, Vice President of Marketing for DENTSPLY Implants, North America, makes clear, technology has permeated nearly every aspect of how DENTSPLY Implants produces its products, renders its services, and communicates with its customers.

First, he says, the company’s ability to maximize its use of technology has enabled it to consistently and predictably deliver on a promise that it makes to its customers: “At DENTSPLY Implants, we are committed to products and services of the highest quality for the peace of mind of our customers and ensured long-term, esthetic outcomes for the implant patient.”

He cites ATLANTIS™ abutments and ATLANTIS™ ISUS suprastructures as examples of the company’s ability to take advantage of technological advances to create products that meet the exacting demands of implant dentistry. ATLANTIS ISUS suprastructures—which are a full range of bar, bridge, and hybrid solutions—are available for all major implant systems. They are produced using the latest developments in CAD/CAM technologies and are supported by computer-based industrial and medical device expertise, Rodriquez explains.

“Each ATLANTIS abutment can be designed and produced for the specific edentulous space and the crown it needs to support. The unique anatomical designs of the abutment and customized emergence profile helps to promote long-term soft-tissue support and provide optimized support of the final restoration,” Rodriguez says. He further notes that because each abutment is designed in a digital environment it is possible to order an exact duplicate of an abutment or make modifications to an original abutment without needing to take another impression. Also, a temporary restoration or the final crown can be designed even before the abutment is delivered, with ATLANTIS™ Abutment Core file.

Advancements in technology have also led to simplified processes and more predictable results, starting with the utilization of 3-D imaging for the planning of a case, from implant position and placement, to abutment design—all based on the desired final tooth shape and required function and esthetics. “In conjunction with implant treatment planning, we also offer the option of surgical guides to ensure that the planned treatment is carried out with precision,” Rodriguez notes.

In short, he continues, “Technology contributes to the overall simplicity of the treatment process, which ultimately contributes to a better final result.” He adds that technology can also “support the partnership among the members of the treatment team and facilitate the treatment process while better meeting both clinical expectations and satisfying patient demands.”

DENTSPLY Implants recognizes that advances in technology are being embraced and adopted in dental practices and laboratories, and the company is therefore constantly seeking ways to develop new solutions and modify existing ones to connect with existing systems, Rodriquez says. “ATLANTIS lab-based scanning capability available for 3M ESPE Lava™, Dental Wings, and 3Shape is a good example of this. In partnership with these companies, we have developed the ability for laboratories that have already invested in these hardware and software options to use their scanners to send case images for the design and manufacture of ATLANTIS abutments.” This type of connectivity between different technologies, he points out, allows for reduced overall treatment time and saves on shipping costs.

The company is currently in the process of developing other new solutions designed to deliver simplicity, efficiency, and optimized outcomes. As Rodriquez explains, “This will include the option of ordering a final, ATLANTIS patient-specific abutment during the computer-guided treatment-planning process; a stand-alone software tool that will allow laboratories with open STL scanners to upload scans for ATLANTIS abutment orders; a patient-specific conus abutment solution for cost-effective treatment of fully edentulous patients; and intraoral welding.”

Rodriquez stresses his company’s commitment to supporting the growing role of technology in dentistry. “There are so many ways in which technology plays a role in or is an integral part of optimized treatment outcomes for edentulous patients. At DENTSPLY Implants, we are focused on continued efforts to provide the most comprehensive solutions for all phases of implant therapy.”

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