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October 2013
Volume 34, Issue 9

Shofu Focusing on “Healing Adhesives” for 6th and 7th Generations and Beyond

Shofu Dental President Brian Melonakos observes that the term “gold standard” in the adhesion category was until recently reserved for the more conservative approaches using traditional etch, prime, and bond with three separate components. However, he notes, this is changing. “Advances have been made in the past few years in the all-in-one bottle category, particularly in terms of enamel bond strength and further simplification,” he says. “Newer-generation products are providing reliable enough bonding that even dental schools are beginning to accept them, and self-etch adhesives are now very well accepted by practicing clinicians.”

Observing that a 6th generation agent is currently the market leader in market share in dental adhesives, Melonakos comments: “Perhaps it can now be said that self-etch could be considered the gold standard in terms of broad usage and broad acceptance.”

He maintains that Shofu’s 6th generation FL-Bond II Adhesive System is unique in its category in that it incorporates the company’s Giomer technology—that is, it contains Shofu’s proprietary Surface Pre-Reacted Glass (S-PRG) filler particles. “This is featured in all of our restorative products. It offers high levels of fluoride release and recharge,” Melonakos says, explaining that S-PRG filler, which, in addition to fluoride, releases sodium, strontium, aluminum, silicate, and borate, has been shown to inhibit plaque formation and possess remarkable acid neutralization capabilities.

Unlike many bonding agents, which contain just one adhesive monomer, Shofu’s 7th generation BeautiBond®, Melonakos asserts, contains two equal-strength adhesive monomers—phosphonic acid, which enhances enamel bonding, and carboxylic acid, which facilitates bonding to dentin. Their bond strength, he says, was validated in numerous studies, including, most recently, one at State University of New York at Buffalo, which was conducted without the knowledge or participation of Shofu.

Additionally, Melonakos points out that BeautiBond was also shown to offer excellent results in a carefully monitored 3-year clinical study at another leading US dental school. According to Shofu, the lead investigator concluded that BeautiBond and Beautifil® II are products that can be used in a simple step, yet they yield high performance based on complex chemical theories.

Melonakos says he believes that as greater experience is obtained with some of the more advanced 7th generation products—those offering not just enhanced convenience but bond strength comparable to that of leading 6th generation adhesives—they, too, are becoming more accepted.

To advance best practices in the use of its products, Shofu supports more than 100 educational programs annually in North America and South America, including lectures and hands-on seminars around the country as well as live hands-ons at major meetings such as those held by the American Dental Association and the Greater New York Dental Association.

In addition, Melonakos says, Shofu sales representatives now have a new app through their iPads that provides almost instant access to a vast store of published articles, videos, and other product information. These videos and articles can then be sent electronically to any customer.

Melonakos says he anticipates a greater drive toward the development and use of products that simplify the practice of restorative dentistry, but he emphasizes that it is most important that such materials offer long-term clinical performance. He recognizes that winning acceptance among clinicians for any new product neither is nor should be easy. “Undoubtedly, when dentists are offered a new self-adhesive restorative material, it may be a while before they fully accept it, and I think that’s understandable.”

Over the next 5 years, Melonakos says, dental product watchers can expect to see more of what might be considered “healing adhesives” from Shofu. “These products would be along the lines of FL-Bond II, and will advance even further in other areas. Look for adhesives that work with our Giomer restoratives to promote remineralization and other beneficial, therapeutic properties.”

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