September 2013
Volume 34, Issue 8

MIS Implants Sets Technology Pace, Stresses Product Innovation

Motti Weisman, CEO of MIS Implants Technologies Inc., says a combination of factors that have contributed to the “implant revolution” include implant technology development and the inclusion of implant instruction in the dental school curriculum in recent years. “The technology today provides us with the equipment to produce very high-quality products, which combined with greater education, strong marketing efforts by manufacturers, and the predictability offered by these improved implants, results in a very high success rate—from 80% to 85% 20 years ago to more than 95% today.”

Weisman says the dental industry is benefiting from the greater number of implant product choices available today compared to the past 15 years or so, and adds that technology is changing the profession. “Increasingly, doctors are basing their product selection more on success rate, implant surface, and affordability rather than brand loyalty,” he claims. “New and advanced technology will be available at a lower price, and it will affect everybody who practices dentistry.”

Established in 1995, MIS Implants Tech­nologies is a global leader in the development and production of advanced products and innovative solutions aimed to simplify dental implantology. Employing world-class scientists and engineers dedicated to continuous research and development, MIS offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge dental implants and superstructures as well as solutions for oral restoration.

In keeping with the trend toward the use of advanced technology for procedures, says Weisman, the company’s newly launched MCENTER at its headquarters in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, provides CAD/CAM as well as guided surgery solutions. “Our technology offers the accuracy of the CT scan and the ability to process the data on the proprietary software to effectively aid in the case planning, fabrication of stents, temporary abutments, and temporary crowns,” he says. These are improvements that benefit patients as well as the dental team. “When the patient comes in, the procedure itself will be shorter and more advanced. Dentists will be able to provide efficient and precise treatment.”

Weisman says MIS takes pride in its development of implants. “What sets us apart is that we have the right combination of predictable implants in a wide range of diameters and lengths, the right customer service and business mentality, and affordable prices.” This, he says, has contributed to the growth of the company, which has penetrated nearly 70 different markets around the world and employs thousands of workers globally.

MIS, says Weisman, is the first company that offers implants with the final drill—a sterile, single-use, stainless-steel final drill offering a simpler, safer procedure and an increased success rate. The final drill is available with the company’s C1 system, as well as with its flagship SEVEN implant system, of which more than 2 million units have been sold. “We believe it is one of the best implants in the world, with a semi-conical geometry that establishes the implant’s vertical and horizontal condensing properties and a dual thread that enables a moderate insertion.” Its surface, he explains, is sand-blasted and acid-etched, which increases the implant’s surface area, creating both macro- and micro-structure and eliminating various surface contaminants.

Weisman says the company offers extensive product support for its line of implants through its sales force and training facilities on both coasts, including its New Jersey headquarters. “We also offer courses, participate in all relevant trade shows, and support clients with activities, including study clubs, events, and courses.” The company’s recent biannual global meeting in Cannes, France, he says, was attended by up to 1,500 doctors and team members. There is also support available through in-house customer service representatives and the company website (www.misimplants.com).

Weisman reiterates his belief that digital technology will continue to revolutionize the entire dental industry, affecting how doctors treatment plan and perform implant cases. The rate of this change, he suggests, will depend upon the region, market, and overall economy. Looking ahead, he says, MIS expects to launch several new products that are currently “in the pipeline.” “When it comes to implants, our company has proven that it is better to think outside of the box.”

MIS Implants Technologies Inc.

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