May 2013
Volume 34, Issue 5

Danville’s New ZNano: A State-of-the-Art Nanofilled Universal Composite

Craig Bruns, President and CEO of Danville Materials, considers improvements in hardness and smaller particle size to be the advances that have had the greatest impact on the current generation of composites. “The current top technology composites employ the use of zirconia and discrete silica nanoparticles. The far smaller particle size gives a more esthetic result, and the nano size resists ‘plucking,’” he explains, noting that zirconia is also a far harder material than the barium glass used in many traditional composites, offering superior wear resistance and improved marginal quality.

Bruns says the San Ramon, California-based company was already enjoying great success with its flowable line—which included StarFlow and Accolade—when its research and development efforts turned towards introducing a universal composite line that could be used for all classes of restorations—from Class I through Class V. The company, he says, has achieved this with the introduction of ZNano, a joint effort between Danville’s research center and leading clinicians involved in its development and testing. This non-sticky, sculptable composite, he says, is compatible with current-generation bonding systems and offers florescence that matches a natural tooth, fracture resistance for high-impact areas, and is not only highly polishable but also maintains its polish long-term.

The company describes ZNano as a state-of-the-art nanofilled universal composite that offers superior handling, translucency, and stain resistance. Its high percentage (73% by weight) of zirconia/silica-based filler (80 nm) creates superior esthetics, polishability, and durability. ZNano also offers high physical properties when compared to other composites. At a radiopacity of 205% of aluminum, it is easy to read, and its shades are a close match to VITA® shades, says Bruns.

Bruns cites a recent evaluation conducted by University at Buffalo, New York, School of Dental Medicine to support the company’s claims that ZNano’s physical properties exceed or are equal to those of leading competitors. “The esthetics and handling properties have been judged as superior by a group of key opinion leaders,” he maintains.

Bruns stresses the company’s dedication to producing the best clinical dental materials available at value pricing in keeping with a proven lineup of products that help set the standards in the industry. He describes the factors involved in achieving that objective: “Our products are developed with carefully selected properties that deliver predictable results to enhance the dentist’s performance. These product design concepts are defined by on-staff dentists with more than 100 years combined clinical experience.”

To assure the highest consistency and product effectiveness, engineering and research precision are paramount, says Bruns. Also essential, he notes, are careful testing, production specification, and a manufacturing discipline incorporating the latest instruments and chemical technology. These products are supported by cutting-edge computer technology overseen by an engineering staff described by Bruns as one of the most experienced and innovative in the dental manufacturing industry.

While Danville Materials, which sells wholesale only, strives to support its dealer network, the company is nonetheless interested in and responsive to user feedback. To support and advance clinicians’ use of the company’s composites in their clinical practices, Bruns explains, “Danville has established a successful podium program with some of the top clinicians in the world that lecture on our behalf.” These influential practitioners, he says, also work with the company to develop technique videos and guides.

Bruns views the future of composites with optimism, saying that Danville Materials is committed to meeting the challenges that lie ahead in dental material development and their expanding applications. He says the company currently has in development an indirect version of ZNano as well as a self-adhering composite line.

“Everyone is always looking for the next step in technology,” says Bruns. “With composites, users want a highly esthetic material that is easy to use and polish that also offers superior strength and wear resistance.” Danville Materials, he notes, will continue to aim to meet these industry needs by producing high-quality products that users can depend on.


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